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Sun is setting, Moon is rising
Waves are washing a shore
Lace-n-Lock my fingers in yours
Walking down boardwalk
With sparkle in your eye
Hold you close
Raising your arms to the sky
Grazing my fingers on your side
looking in your eyes
Smile on your face, you need not to say
Touch your lips with a kiss
With that look in your eyes
were going inside
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
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Comments (6)

wow yay Never read this one before or probably i haveconfused anyway this is a romantic write filled with what romance entailswine M.M
gnj4uonline today!
Hi, kickit22,
Thanks for bringing Romance back to life, including its interesting turn of phrase Lace-n-Lock my fingers in yours.
Hello M.M.

I had alot of great comments on here, but you were indeed one of them.. lol..laugh wish we could individually delete comments so not to loose other comments.. I am glad you like this my friend. peace

Hello Gnj4u

Thank you so kind for your comment, It pleases me to the soul that you have took a liking to this and welcome the re release of this.. hug

I like this Kick.. I knew this was an inside job right from the start.professor grin thumbs up
I not sure how you would guess this cafe.. I thought i'd done a good job in a cover up. your far more crafty then I have thought..laugh

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