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As you close your eyes,
Let your mind become as deep and clear as a mountain pool,
Ignore for now, the latent rolling thunder in your consciousness,
Feel the gentle breeze upon your skin, reviving, cool,
Imagine a peaceful woodland glade,
In all it’s perfection, by nature made,
The chuckling of a gentle stream,
Wending it’s way down through pastures green,
Listen…Can you hear her?
Can you feel her begin to stir?
Gaia….Mother Earth herself…She breaths!
Call forth the thunder….Unleash the storm!
Feel now, the oceans and seas, how they heave,
The tempest seethes,
The heavens open and the rain pours,
Orchestrate the lightning, bring the wind that roars,
And now that you have the fate of mankind in your hand,
Of man that he should pause…..
For he stands at the threshold of the door,
That once opened will bring upon mankind,
All the Gods’ imagined wrath and more,
Make him believe,
The time has come to see some sense,
And offer our Mother some recompense!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
One day we must change our ways, we cannot take on nature and

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Comments (18)

Gorgeous write! Earth can be used wisely and preserved at the same time, but it is a balance. wine heart wings
andrew, as usual, a DEMANDing write about nature, Gaia, and what man expects from this are right, man cannot "win". ;-)
poor earth, trodden beneath so many feet, and contempts, and yet she is resplendant, lovely write andrew,
thats a very nice tribute for mother nature andrew,,
The time has come to see some sense,
And offer our Mother some recompense.

well said and yah,we never out win the earth too,..
exquisit,impressive write dear andrewapplause wine
Hear! Hear! She's been shat upon enough. Time to clean up the mess! applause
Hi, andrew149,
Gaia, lovely Gaia! Certainly, we have to admire and respect that which defends itself! "When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?" Well, "they" be "us"! Though students of history we be, the lessons of others appear to be easier to learn than our own.
cool write andrew sir!...listen indeed as Gaia roars enough at us - love the drama of the storm..thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
the ending...something about a comeuppance...maybe. i was just watching a fascinating show about volcanos last night, and how gaia is ready to blow, any day...i'll bring the marshmellows. lovely write, made me pause, if only for a moment.
Thankyou Rev, I agree...Very pleased you liked it too.....Andrew....xxxcool
nice poem andrew
We,the masses, need to take action soon and not just accept whats thrown at us or sit there and complain. You should see the Holes we are digging for resourses in western australia. Pathetic.
Rather wonderful. I am really glad you wrote God's 'imagined' wrath. We will change, we have to.
Thankyou GG....pleased it caused you pause for
Ive been sitting outside on the grass watching big gray puffy clouds with silver linings and clear blue skies, revealing it the beauty, then I came INDOORS and read your poem, I "feel" full of love thank you for 'FULFILLING MY DAYapplause : handshake
Thankyou Gotitall.....hope you are well.....pleased you liked the
"Gaia….Mother Earth herself…She breaths!" If that's not the truth, than what is?!

Fantastic Andrew.


rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose
Beautiful poem.

All the Gods’ imagined wrath and more,
Make him believe,
The time has come to see some sense,
And offer our Mother some recompense!
Thankyou Jeddah my friend, very please you enjoyed it....Andrew...xxxcool
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