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VIKING 2.......Part 1.....

Stygian layers, almost intangible….. Merging…Shifting,
Dark on dark, like quicksand, sinking, lifting,
Time and distance bending,
Creating a place of no substance, beginning or ending.
Evil incarnate, two colours of black,
Two dimensions joining, back to back.
Re-opening now the forbidden door,
Once thought to be sealed forever more.
Prince of Myrkwood, with Prince of darkness meeting,
After a wager that one lost by cheating.
Now in the liquid swirling darkness,
Two plotting how their combined evil to harness,
To bring their revenge, that they think will be so sweet,
Upon a Viking and Elf, that had won the last battle, in a way so neat,
Also upon Odin himself, whose helping hand had been clear,
Plotting too, how to bring him near.
Two thinking, the reason for their losing,
That the wager was at a time and place, not of their choosing.
This time, battle would be joined far above the ground,
Where little comfort for humankind can be found.
And so with much hate,
Two plan to set the trap with bait.
It being forbidden for a God to fight,
Directly with the Prince of night,
They gamble, that Odin will the Viking send,
Once more his honour to defend,
Now it seems, Vikings short lived peace will be no more,
Mayhem will rule, as two sides go to war,
And this time they wish Odin’s loss to be hard,
For they want no less than the keys to his beloved Asgard! is now in this time,
Though, follow another line,
The future, yet now...The past for others,
On a little island, a band of Viking brothers,
This, for their leader, a sleeping, waking dream,
Blurring the boundaries, so things are not quite as they seem,
And further back, now a different time, an Elf sits on the windowsill,
Casting a spell to stop the creeping darkness that is....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
I am writing as I may take a took about 3

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Comments (4)

Andrew...bringing back memories my friend. This story never grows old...thank you for sharing again ;)
My pleasure Jaz, so pleased you enjoyed it.....still writing the rest of it for release sometime this year, to join part one on amazon, I
Hi Andrew

This is some epic tale. Can't wait for the next installment. A fascinating write, Andrew.

Best wishes

Thanks Billcool
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