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A Prayer

Dear Lord, gently remind me each day
To always give praise and thanks to you
For I know all things belong to you
And anything I possess is just a loan
Until it is needed by my fellowman
Let me never ever think anything I have
Is too good to give or share with another
Remind me of the brevity of life
And that any day it can end at any time
Remind me that my purpose here
Is serving you and others
Help me then never to become selfish or self centered
Let me see others as better than myself
Never looking on another with scorn or disdain
Remove from me boastfulness and pride
Knowing how sinful I am and prone to fail
Grant me a spirit of forgiveness
And help me to be always conscious of you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I was given a quickly lesson this morning on how others regard their stuff. I don't want to be like that

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Comments (1)

crying Aameen.

thank you
thank you!

you just reminded me. i tend to forgetcrying
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