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birth of an angel (paloma)

becoming more precious with each passing day
it is so very simple for me to say
ever cherish your presence upon this earth
God blessed all the world, the day of your birth
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
happy birthday...

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Comments (28)

My best wishes happy birthday to Paloma..Hope your day has been as beautiful as you deserved

A fab birthday write for Paloma, Hedi thumbs up

Ljj.. angel bouquet
Happy Birthday
happy birthday Paloma...many wishes for a fantastic day and year! cheers
Happy Birthday Paloma wishing you much happiness for the futurewine teddybear
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Happy Birthday and every moment be special every second
of everyday be as special as you are to us all
Daniel Angel From Cape Cornwall
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trurorobonline today!
Happy birthday my friend, should have checked this out myself!!
yayhappy birthday and may your wishes come true Paloma peace

Dearest,Hedi your wish brought me such joy,it overwhelms me,never had such beautiful words from anyone,so long I felt my birth was a mistake on this earth but today I have come to know after all these years,that the warmth and love I get from you and all these wonderful people on Poets corner is just amazing.I now feel it was worth living,Thank you from the core of my being sweet Hedi,you have such a lovely soul.Yes, tomorrow I turn 67yrs old but all this love is going to make me stronger and younger.Thank you again and God bless you.You really made my day and this elation will carry forward tomorrow.angel angel hug bouquet teddybear I'm so dancing
Thank you lovely Ladyjj,I appreciate this so much,tomorrow I turn sixty-seven,always felt the 13th was an unlucky no. now it has changed my feeling and all of you are the reason for this,such wonderful people out here.Thank you dearest Joy,love you & God bless you.angel hug bouquet
Thank you dear Andrew so kind of you,God bless you.handshake hug teddybear
Thank you Gashly my dear its so sweet of you & the rest,it will really make my day happy.Love & God blessangel hug bouquet
Redex my dearest,my heart is bursting with love from beautiful people who have come to know the real me through the outpouring of my thoughts,was just a doormat all these years,used by the ones who lived me all these years but have not appreciated.OMG! my joy knew no bounds when I stepped into the corner today.Thank you so much.its going to be the happiest B/day for me with all you lovely people.Love you & God bless you.
Daniel.what can I say my heart is so full like a bud bursting forth to receive all the Sunshine of love from all you amazing people,love you all.What a Spirit of bonhomie.thank you Daniel,God bless you with love,peace, happiness and prosperity,in fact I wish this for all of you here.angel handshake hug bouquet
Dearest Rob,its tomorrow,I want you to know that I value your friendship so much,you were always there to support me,whenever I poured out my heart to you and you gave me good advice and the strength to go on.I do not know how Backstudd got scent of it being my b/day,but he was not sure of the date and he set the wheels in motion.Thank you Rob,you are a wonderful friend.handshake hug bouquet
Dearest TP thank you, I hope so too and wish your life will be Sunshine & Roses.God bless you.angel bouquet
Happy Birthday, paloma,

Today and tomorrow the Perseids will shower the heavens with thanks for your birth. As for me, I thank you for the life, love and poetry you share with us on Poet's Corner. May this year be one to "Scher"ish. My best wishes to you for your happiest year yet!!! Happy Birthday!!!
Thank you my dearest Joy,you have brought me joy.God bless you.angel hug bouquet
Happy birthday 2 you
may your life dawn anew
happy bithday Palmona
you only look thirty two!

Carol xxxxxxxx

Not v. good, sorry, rather early!gift
Hope you had or have a Happy and Blessed Birthday Paloma. God Bless You! teddybear
Dear Pal...
i send you a Call
i wish you
what is the best
and all the rest''..
Thank you Hedi..for your Angel.
Carol my dear thank you so much,such a lovely compliment.angel hug
Thank you Donna,God bless you.Hope all is well.angel hug
Thank you Donna,God bless you.Hope all is well.angel hug
Thank you Superman,nice of you,God bless you.handshake teddybear
Man it is so like me to never see until it came until it went and now its gone away. Happy belated birthday Palomagift bouquet teddybear
james...I believe paloma's birthday is today (in India) august, you're right on time!
Dear james you are not late its still on had a wonderful day especially its began on a good note with all you lovely friends wishing me the best.I wish I could throw a party for all of you but I just have to settle for sending Hugs & kisses & love to all of you on Poet's Corner.handshake hug teddybear Thank you
Dear,dear Hedi,I was just brimming over with happiness,You are so sweet,thank you, & everyone else for making me so happy.Love & God bless.hug hug teddybear teddybear bouquet bouquet
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