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5 Texting Habits Every Woman Should Adhere To

5 Texting Habits Every Woman Should Adhere To

Texting may be the most popular form of communication these days, but you still want to be careful about how you text. The way you text can give a man a different impression of you than you're trying to give. The following are five good texting habits for woman to live by.

1. Don't text after midnight

Even if you're awake, texting after midnight should be off limits. When it's that late at night, people tend to be thinking of things they wouldn't be at noon. Conversations may become more intimate, which isn't always a bad thing, but you don't want him to get used to texting you late at night because he knows you'll be there and available for sexual conversations. Late night conversations don't usually remain innocent for very long. This is an especially important rule to live by if the man you're talking to isn't around much, or at all, during the day. If he is really interested in texting you, he won't wait until midnight to do so.

2. Don't reply too quickly

If the man you're texting takes four hours to answer a text, don't reply to him in four minutes. You don't have to wait the exact amount of time that you waited for him, but replying too quickly makes it look like you have nothing else going on and were just waiting for him. To avoid the temptation to check texts as soon as they come in turn off sound notifications.

3. Keep texts short

Sending long texts is a good way to annoy men. Guys aren't into reading or sending long texts, so when you send him a full page text, don't be surprised if he replies with two lines. It's not that he doesn't care about what you're going through, but he probably doesn't have the time to devote to your situation. Certain things are better left for phone calls or in-person conversations. Make a habit of sending short texts that serve a purpose. Don't text him to tell him you lost your keys and update him five minutes later when you've found them.

4. Don't send nudes

Sending nudes is a personal choice, but it's a good idea to not do it. Once you send someone a photo they can do whatever they want with it. They can share it with anyone they want and even post it online. If you do decide you want to send a nude to someone, it's a good idea to crop your head out of the photo so it's harder to identify you in case they do decide to share the photo with people they shouldn't. Sending nudes should remain a special thing you do for very few people.

5. Don't drunk text

Texting when you're drunk, angry, or hurt is a bad idea. In any of these situations you will inevitably say things that you'll not only regret, but they could damage the relationship. When you're drunk, you will feel more confident about saying things you might otherwise keep to yourself. These could be true feelings you haven't admitted to a person or hidden sexual desires that you're usually too shy to express. When you're drunk isn't the right time to get honest, so avoid your phone when you're drinking.

When you're interested in a man, you want to make a good impression and sometimes the way you text can ruin that impression. Create good texting habits and you will create the kind of relationship that you're looking for.

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