Is he cheating? Seven signs to watch out for

Is he cheating Seven signs to watch out for

When something doesn't seem quite right in your relationship and you have a hunch that he could be cheating on you, what happens next? Do you brush it off as a problem with your own insecurity? Rifle through his jacket pockets looking for evidence? Confront him without any hard evidence? Before you take things too far and accuse a possibly innocent man of infidelity, take a look at these common signs of cheating and examine your relationship.

He's protective of his cell phone

When at home, most people will leave their cell phone lying around, on the coffee table, the kitchen countertop or a jacket pocket. If you notice that your partner is suddenly taking his cell phone with him wherever he goes, even into the bathroom, it's cause for concern. Additionally, if he's often switched his phone to silent mode at home, or leaves the room to read text messages and take phone calls, it's a heavy indication that it's something he doesn't want you to hear or to question him about.

He's taking better care of his appearance

Is he spending more time in the bathroom before work or before going out with his guy friends? Has he bought himself new cologne, new clothes or changed his hairstyle? Is his overall appearance smarter? This could just be a sign that he's decided to pay more attention to his looks, and if this is the case, he has probably discussed the matter with you. Perhaps he's asked you whether his new shirt looks good on him or whether he's made a good choice of cologne. However, if he's not acknowledged his transformation, it's a sign to be concerned about. He may be hoping to impress his new woman without raising your suspicions.

He's suspicious of you

If he is cheating on you, he's most likely to have a very guilty conscience. At the same time, he's realized how easy it is to cheat and get away with it. He may start wondering if you're doing the same thing and start accusing you of being unfaithful. Questioning you also has a secondary benefit to him as he'll be thinking, 'If I'm accusing her of cheating, she'll never suspect that I'm the one who's actually sleeping with someone else.'

His mood swings are erratic

If he's conducting two relationships at the same time, he's going to experience the highs and lows of love two-fold. If he's having a fun and exciting time with his mistress, he's probably giddy and full of energy when you're with him. He may be more upbeat than usual when getting ready to go out or at the weekend. If things have soured with the other woman, he's likely to become very moody and distant. Of course, his mood swings could be due to a number of other reasons, such as stress at work or money problems. Talk to him about it, and find out if there is an innocent reason behind his recent conduct.

His friends are behaving differently around you

If your man is cheating, the thrill will be too much to contain and he will feel compelled to share his excitement with someone. Who better to confess to than his best buddy who will keep quiet and not judge him for his actions? Juicy gossip such as an affair will not stay a secret for long and the rest of his guy friends will know about it soon enough. If they are reluctant to talk to you whereas they once laughed and joked around, ask them if everything's ok. When it's not their own secret, people can find it very hard to lie convincingly. Their response will be very telling.

He's buying you gifts

What better way to put you off the scent than to distract you with generous presents? Giving you gifts also eases his guilt about cheating. Of course, he could have just come to the realization that you're a wonderful woman and he wants to show his love by paying more attention to you. Be careful about your accusations based on this particular sign. If this is the only red flag which causes you to think that he's cheating, it's wise to wait and see if any of the other cheating signs crop up before accusing a partner who's only being caring.

His routine has changed

If your partner has just started a new job or has taken on more commitments, it's natural that his daily routine will change. He'll get out of bed earlier, and perhaps arrive home later. However, if there isn't an obvious reason behind his change in routine, it could be because he's extending his time away from home in order to spend time with someone else. If this is also occurring on weekends, you have extra reason to be suspicious. If he can't offer you a quick and simple answer when you question him about it, there could be an unpleasant reason behind his actions.

If you spot one of the signs that he's cheating, there could be a perfectly innocent explanation. Talk to your partner and don't let your imagination get the better of you. If you identify a number of these signs, the chances that he is being unfaithful are significantly higher. Talk to him about his behavior, let him explain himself and if you're not satisfied with his answers, you must decide whether you've still got a future together.

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