Choosing Wedding Lingerie: How to Wow Your Groom on Your Wedding Night

Choosing Wedding Lingerie How to Wow Your Groom on Your Wedding Night

While your wedding gown style may be sleek, stylish, innocent or sophisticated, chances are you want wedding lingerie that's so sexy it stops your groom in his tracks. Before you can select the undergarments to achieve the desired effect, there are several aspects to consider. Whether you want to look like a sexy siren or a vestal virgin, choosing the right lingerie guarantees that your walk down the aisle and your wedding night will both be a smashing success.

Ample Accoutrements

When it comes to your wedding day and night, one set of undies may not be enough. To create a smooth silhouette beneath your wedding gown, opt for sleek and simple lingerie that won't create unsightly lumps and bumps. Smooth material that offers the necessary support is the way to go. If it seems that granny panties are your only choice, think again. Several sexy options are available that don't involve lace, ribbons and other embellishments that my ruin the look of your dress.

When evening comes, switch to the style of lingerie that you've chosen for your wedding night. Anything goes at this point. A lace bra and panties; thigh-high stockings and a garter belt paired with a revealing thong; or a corset, bustier or baby-doll nightie are all options you can wear when the two of you are finally alone.

Sensuous Style

Consider your personality when you select the lingerie you'll wear for your wedding night. Are you a studious schoolgirl, a sophisticated businesswoman or a sultry sex kitten? Maybe you want reveal a side of yourself that your new hubby has never seen before. Do you want to appear young and innocent or sexy and sophisticated? Whatever you want to be on your wedding night, there is lingerie available that will help you perpetuate that image.

Captivating Color

While white or ivory used to be the obvious choices for bridal lingerie, a vast array of colors are now the norm. If you've worked to develop a golden tan for your wedding, opt for vibrant jewel tones like emerald, ruby, sapphire or amethyst that will show off your glowing lor. To present a more delicate, genteel appearance, consider pastels like pale yellow, mint green, pale pink or a light peach. Choose red or black to let your groom know that you're ready, willing and able to satisfy his every desire.

Fabulous Fit

Once you've made the necessary decisions about your wedding lingerie, do yourself a favor and buy only pieces that fit you like a dream. Get measured by a professional to ensure that the garments you purchase don't bind, gap or ride up. There's nothing less sexy than constantly adjusting your bra or repeatedly pulling your underwear out of your behind. You should be able to move with abandon without your lingerie shifting, no matter what position you find yourself in.

While the guests at your wedding and reception may ooh and aah over your gown, it's your soon-to-be husband who will have the privilege of seeing what you choose to wear underneath. Make the right choice and the grin on your groom's face when he sees you will be its own reward.

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This is wayyy too complicated!!
Just wear whatever your heart desires
And let the mood set you free peace
It's all coming off anyways, if the attraction and chemistry is there
You won't need to worry about any of this decor laugh wave
FYI - Victoria's Secret has gone woke, fired her Angels, and taken on the blue-haired, American-hating soccer lesbian as their new rep.

Look for back issues and see if they still have that style in stock.

Or, check out an Eastern European outlet. They haven't drunk the PC KoolAid (yet).
Great article most guys prefer virgin lace blues
i can't really see the point to this. when you got 824 articles pitching man against woman and vice versa on a dating site . the chances of getting a date are zero. frustrated the chances of getting engaged are zero zerofrustrated the chances of getting married are zero zero zerofrustrated all because of 824 articles that cast doubt on a relationship it's almost like they don't want you find LOVE confused
Why wear any underwear....maybe if you wearing thin or sheer I can understand or something to give dominatrix night head start but seriously woman ideal way get party started would lubricant, types of condoms with ribbing something that excite her and him so when go bear they feel ah yes.

Not everyone goes hotel how many times do we know those VIP rooms are cleaned, do you take black light with you everywhere you go inspect it see if clean ultra clean... or do you have your own cleaning supplies.

Lingerie I was thinking would been sheer or lace like...but I don't think they come with edible kind anymore?
Set or not set is question, most women I seen prefer set, I don't know I think for one who not traditional bride I prefer something comfy that means no bra, I am not confining my boobs to that torture of bra unless it comfortable.

Panties...I was thinking of thong but I realize it have to lace up to your a** right what was other one G string or panty less type I don't think they sell those in bridal stores.

Stockings would have to all way to waist..declare I all in.

Not sure about wedding dress.doh

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