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6 Things About You That Keep You From Being Rich

6 Things About You That Keep You From Being Rich

You would be surprised at what's holding you back from the luxury home of your dreams. Being rich is more than having a good idea or being born into money. It involves facets of your personality and the way you treat money. Being rich is more than having a business – it's about having the kind of personality that lets you become rich.

Bad Habits

The little things add up and if you have a bunch of bad habits that eat away at your money, you'll always find yourself a little less wealthy than you expect. These habits include anything that involves anything you can't control such as an addiction to cigarettes or gambling. Smoking in particular costs more than just the pack. It can make your insurance rates skyrocket.

Lack of Goals

Not knowing what you're trying to do is a great way to go in a circle. A goal allows you to focus your efforts and organize your resources. You have to do more than simply want to become a millionaire. Concrete goals such as saving a certain amount of money each month or having an investment plan can help organize your finances.

Financial Ignorance

Simply making a lot of money does not mean that you'll become rich. Money needs attention. Both your income and any debts you incur must be managed. You need to pay attention to what you're spending each month in relation to how much you're earning.

You're Afraid

It is natural to be afraid of losing money. Money represents the value of your work, and losing money is like wasting a few days or even months of effort. You end up not investing, instead electing to bury your money in a bank, hoping that the interest will accumulate. Making money is about taking risks. Invest in a business or open up your own. You can't get to the apple without going on the branch.


Money is not something that happens overnight. Get-rich-quick schemes rarely work, if they work at all. Money needs time to grow. You need to nurture it. You can't just look at the lotto and imagine it as a great way to make money because it "could" happen quickly.

Financial Unpreparedness

If you spend far more than your means, you are financially unprepared. This means spending on cars that you can only just afford, for example. An accident can throw off your entire plan, resulting in a wide variety of extra charges and costs. Consider the unexpected. Basically, save for a rainy day.

People have made money with so little that many consider them brilliant or even miracle workers. That alone should prove to you that it is not about your paycheck. It's not about how much you earn, though that can affect it. When it comes right down to it, being rich involves who you are as a person and how you treat your money. Treat it like a treasure and it will become one.

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Health is the real wealth!!

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