3 Signs You're Dating A Dud

3 Signs Youre Dating A Dud

While it's true that people come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, you are still allowed to have your own preferences. Dating a dud normally isn't on most women's wish-list. This article outlines three signs that you are dating a dud.

1. He has no sense of humour

A man without a sense of humour is a pill. If you are a woman with a sense of humour, you will find this kind of man a complete bore. If you're a woman who enjoys being silly and goofing off with those you love, you will not get that from this kind of man. He may even try to tame you or calm you down. There is nothing wrong with laughing and being silly. If you're dating a man without a sense of humour, it's time to rethink the relationship. You might like this man very much otherwise, but can you see yourself long-term with someone who can never be silly and enjoy himself? That kind of attitude will be enough to bring you down.

2. He won't leave his comfort zone

If you're an adventurous woman, you are probably not going to date someone who likes to sit at home day after day. If your boyfriend won't leave his comfort zone to try something new, then you are dating a dud. Even if you're not an especially adventurous woman, you might want to try new things now and then to keep life interesting, but a man who doesn't like to leave his comfort zone won't go along for the ride. Instead of letting him dictate what you're going to do, or not do, do the exciting things that you want to do. He can come along if he wants. If not, it's his loss.

3. He acts like a father-figure

The last thing you want your boyfriend to act like is your father. You don't need him telling you when to sleep, or wake up, or how to act. Aside from the fact that he has no right to tell you what to do and how to do it, it's going to be irritating. As a girlfriend, you need to be treated like the adult you are. You don't need a boyfriend setting rules and boundaries for you. It's very important that you don't go along with his rules just to avoid making him unhappy. Doing that will make him think he has power over you. He's not your father and you don't need to do as you're told.

Dating a dud is not enjoyable. Even though he may have some qualities that attract you to him, you need to be honest with yourself. Is his attitude something you can put up with for five, ten, twenty or fifty years?

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