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Benefits of Dating Someone Less Attractive

Benefits of Dating Someone Less Attractive

Most single people are taught to pursue others who they find to be extremely attractive. Why would they not instead choose to pursue a relationship with an individual who was less attractive? Are there legitimate reasons why this strategy could be more successful?

Less attractive people are less likely to have a "wandering eye". Extremely attractive people are bombarded every day with attention and solicitations for their affection, and in the meantime, less attractive people fly under the radar. People are far more likely to cheat on their significant others when they have access to a steady stream of individuals praising them and giving them a lot of attention. This is less of an issue when you're dating someone who is not as attractive in the traditional sense.

People who aren't as attractive tend to spend more time developing talents. Because they are less attractive, these individuals focus on having things to offer potential partners aside from their physical appeal. Many of the most successful businesspeople are not known for their looks, but rather for their dedication to their jobs and their competence in their fields. They approach the dating scene with the thought that they had better have something valuable to offer in the place of being attractive.

They are more likely to spend time on personal development. Many of the nicest people you will ever meet have never been considered attractive. They have instead focused on becoming caring and understanding individuals and often make much better partners than attractive people because of this. Rather than spending so much time focusing on their image and outward appearance, they focus on the inward and what makes them who they are.

Children are less likely to be viewed as competition by people who are unattractive. Some parents view their children as competition for them and are constantly comparing where their children are at any age to where they were at that age. This tendency is more prevalent in attractive people, and tends to be less of a focus amongst those who aren't as attractive. Give your children the best chance to succeed by providing them with a parent who is more interested in helping them develop than competing with them.

All of these points provide you with good reasons why you shouldn't just automatically turn down those people who you find less attractive. Perhaps you should consider someone who's interested in you solely based on their personality and what kind of life partner they could be while ignoring your inclination towards the most attractive person you can find. Take to heart the brilliant words of musician Jimmy Soul when he sang, "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife". And the truth in the old statement about beauty being only skin deep.

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I just learned that this article is focussing down the use of the word "attractive" to exclusively "looks".
I thought, that ANY human feature could be attractive to the other one, if fitting is with his/her search focus...
If only, the author of the article had explicitely used 2 words in his article : "attractive looks", it would have made sense from the start.

And even then, even when exclusively focussing on this topic: what happen to be 'attractive looks' to you, may be way different from what are 'attractive looks' to me ! I for instance know that I totally scream away from classic industry's photo model pinup girls. Horrible, to my personal 'attractive looks' standard ... cheering
And whatever you and anyone would fill in here.

So, I find the article a bit disapointing. Too gereric. Ever had a look at "Gauss curves" ? Almost every single human feature seems to fit under such a representation of statistical normal distribution. In other words, there is always a majority (called NORMAL = not a mindset word, but a math reference...) and 2 fading minorities, for every single studied detail in the human set of biological and pschological features... dunno ....then, make up a large pool of all relevant properties, for instance here, all possible properties that have to do with 'attractive'. You'll find there is existing a unique patern for each individual. All on it's own, without trying to influence it by articles about "Benefits of Dating Someone Less Attractive" yay
"What I lack in looks, I more than make up for in personality and character".
At my age everyone is Attractiveteddybear
Average appearance is a advantage not a negative. less demanding and not an attention whore is so much more desirable. thumbs up

Benefits of being attractive, if your a male looking for that and most seem to be, plus being a sexy looking female,

Some of us are not attractive let alone sexy.

I know im not attractive or sexy, plus I don't compete or try being what im not , what I do is give of myself in other ways and those aspects about who I am as a person , what comes from me is real not an act or put on , my beauty comes from with in ,

Interesting article..But what about chemistry? I agree one shouldn't focus just on superficial attributes but then again you are suggesting perhaps some people lower than standards when looking for a potential partner..The science of attraction goes way beyond just the physical appearance..Perhaps it's better to be average..
No, not average-looking, but mathematically average. People with "mathematically average" features advertise a more diverse set of genes and better reproductive health, evolutionary biologists say.
IV found they try harder in the bedroom,,,ususally make better lovers.
Well, the old, infamous, quote seems to fit here perfectly. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

The "Trophy" life partner relationships frequently fail easily, look for someone that you have more than looks to like about.
While looks definitely help create the initial attraction, they aren't a great criteria for basing a long term relationship on.
beauty is skin deep and not all ways the most important thing in a relationship if you truly love some one looks well not matter just look at all of the beautiful people in Hollywood thy don't do all that well... so I think it's who thy are and not what thy look like

just my thoughts
some less attractive profiles are fake and stolen pics.scammers are not so stupid and are like virus,they are flexible,adopting new strategies..they can only be detected by cultural errors or
emails tracing back..

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