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4 Signs Your Boyfriend is Becoming Too Dependent

4 Signs Your Boyfriend is Becoming Too Dependent

Being in a dating or romantic relationship is great until someone becomes dependent and clingy. All couples become comfortable after a while, but dependency is not healthy for anyone.

The last thing you want as a girlfriend is to become your boyfriend's mother. It's easy to fall into habits and routines that make one partner more dependent on the other. It's not a pattern you want to allow to grow because it's hard to go back and undo it. Here are some signs that your boyfriend might be becoming too dependent on you and what you can do to change it:

1. He won't do anything without you

This can be a nice thing when it comes to seeing a movie, going out to dinner or trying something new together, but when he won't go to the store without you tagging along, it's going to become an issue. It's nice when a couple enjoys doing things together. The problem is when one partner becomes unable to do anything on their own anymore. If your boyfriend can't go anywhere without you, stop going everywhere with him and encourage him to get out without you.

2. He plays dumb to get out of doing everything

This isn't just a problem with married couples. Dating and co-habitating couples can deal with this too. When one person pretends they don't know how to do something (or they'll do it very badly) to get out of doing it altogether, it's extremely important that you don't give in and do everything. It's a habit that both sides get used to. Unfortunately, the person doing everything will eventually feel burdened and rightly so. Instead of letting him off the hook and playing dumb, expect more out of him. When people can get away with stuff, they will. It's up to you to nip it in the bud.

3. He won't make decisions

What's for dinner? Where are we going? What are we doing this weekend? Are these the kind of questions you hear on a daily basis? There is an easy way to quit your boyfriend of this habit. Just stop making the decisions. Or suggest taking turns. If he won't take his turn he can just sit and twiddle his thumbs. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to simply take control and not fight about it, but there is a way to get your point across without arguing or seeming angry. Eventually the thrill of making all the choices becomes more a job than a pleasure.

4. He doesn't want to pay for anything anymore

When you were first dating your boyfriend probably made an effort to pay for your dates, even if you did refuse and offer to pay for some yourself. That's a good deal. But if you're starting to notice that you're being expected to pay for everything nowadays, it's time to put away that wallet. As with anything else, it's a habit that someone can easily get to enjoy. If you've gotten into this habit, you can work yourself out of it. Pretend you're newly dating again and don't reach for your wallet all the time. You can stare each other down all day, he'll get the point. Don't give up just because it's taking him too long to get the point.

Being in a romantic relationship is very different from other kinds of relationships you experience. There are routines that you might fall into which you aren't comfortable with. When in a romantic relationship the last thing you want is your partner becoming dependent on you. While you are a couple who does things together, you both still need your independence. You also want to keep the romance in the relationship and not have to feel and act like a mother.

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