5 Secret Tips to Great Kissing

5 Secret Tips to Great Kissing

There is more to kissing than mashing your lips into another person's, but it seems like a lot of young adults (and plenty of older ones too) don't know this or don't care. Well, you should care! Kissing is a wonderful way of showing someone that you care for or are attracted to them. Sparks will fly and the birds and bees of romance will be shaken from their nests and hives when kissing is done the right way.

With these five top-secret kissing tips, you will be the talk of town in no time. Not because you're kissing a lot of people, right? But because everyone who kisses you, can't help but tell their friends how amazing it was.

Prep for the kiss

This isn't really a secret, but the lack of people who take it to heart make it as good as one. Prepare for the kiss! If you know there is a chance of a kiss happening (like you're on a date), then brush your teeth beforehand! Floss too. Oh, it might be a good idea to keep a pack of mints handy as well. You never know you might need to quickly freshen your breath before a surprise smooch.


As appreciated as kissing is, no one wants to jump straight into a slobbering make out session. Whether it's your first kiss or you've been kissing the same person for years, take a little time before locking lips to tease them. Hold their hands, caress their legs, rub their back – do something other than kissing to build up the anticipation. This secret kissing tip will keep them coming back for more.


Have you ever kissed someone who was uptight and uncomfortable? It's not fun. Just relax, man, relax. Take a few deep breaths before the kiss and believe in yourself. Remember that the other person is probably just as nervous as you are.


Kissing is focused around the lips. A great kissing secret is to do things with the lips other than just kissing them. This will increase excitement and make the kiss different and special. Sucking on or nibbling gently on your kissing partner's lower lip is sure to make them go wild! You can even try running the tip of your tongue lightly along their lips. Another kissing tip that goes along with this is to vary the pressure of your kisses on their lips. Kiss slow and soft and then speed up before slowing back down. Variety is the key here.

Ears, Nose, Eyes

Even though the lips are the focus area of a great kiss, don't forget about all of the other parts of the body. Kissing your partner on their ears, nose, and eyelids makes the kiss much more passionate and romantic. If you feel up to it, you can even try gently biting on their lower earlobe. Remember that you don't want to hurt them, so don't bite too hard!

These kissing tips will increase the passion and make your kiss much more romantic. If you're in a committed relationship, then they will add spice and variety to your love life. If you're just looking for fun right now, then these tips are sure to turn up the excitement in any casual situation. Take stock of these kissing tips because they are sure to make each and every new kiss special.

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Great article and gives me some knowledge how to kiss a woman passionately ??????
Hi Guys
I liked the kissing article, as an old geezer I should have known this but I did not. Kissing is the first intimate contact between a man and woman so it should be done right for a long relationship,

your tips are great and hopefully people will take it in.

The extras you suggest are well worth the effort.
A Big Thank You....Kiss...to the Girls !.!!
Great article. Not quite sure about the ears, nose and eyes but I totally agree with the tease and lips.

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