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Valentine’s Day for the Unattached: Is it "S.A.D."?

Valentines Day for the Unattached Is it S A D

It can be depressing to look at the calendar and see Valentine's Day coming up. For single men and women around the world, it isn't Valentine's Day so much as it is "Singles Awareness Day." The fact that it spells out "S.A.D." does not escape them. What was supposed to be a day celebrating love and the triumph of a relationship over adversity becomes a day of self-doubt. You might have looked in the mirror at some point and wondered why you were single, just because Valentine's Day was coming up.

Valentine's Day is nothing to get depressed over. Being single is not all that bad, and there are many more things to celebrate than being in a relationship. Consider the following as Valentine's Day approaches.

It's Not Who You Are

While relationships are nice, it does not and should not define your identity. This is just like your job -- it isn't the end of your profile page. Being single is nothing to be ashamed of and it definitely doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. It does not indicate anything at all, beyond the fact that you are free to date whomever you wish.

It's just another facet of life. Increasing numbers of people are living perfectly happy lives without a relationship. Being single is also a choice. One that you are free to make. You are fine, with or without a partner.

Room for Self-Improvement

Of course, you may actually want to be in a relationship. There's nothing wrong with that. You can spend Valentine's Day in reflection of your life. Relationships fail for a reason and you can contemplate on why your previous relationships failed and how you can improve yourself so it does not happen again.

Valentine's Day is a great day for singles who want to start a relationship too. Strike up a conversation with an attractive stranger. Hang out in places where you can find single people, like coffee shops or parties. Have you been infatuated for weeks with someone you met online? Contact them and see if they would like to have lunch with you.

Enjoy Yourself

There is no reason to hide out in a dark room with a gallon of pistachio mint ice cream just because you're single and it's Valentine's Day. Think about it. Men and women around the world feel they have to spend money on their partner today. Restaurants, movies, luxury cruises, and chocolates don't come cheap. Think of all the money they're spending on their dates, and then think about how much you could spend on yourself.

You could buy a video game, or treat yourself to an expensive buffet. Basically, just splurge and treat yourself. There is no reason not to do that on Valentine's Day.

Acts of Random Kindness

You're not the only person who's single on Valentine's Day. In fact, a lot of people you know might be taking being single a lot harder than you are. Why not give them a hand? Give all the singles you know a rose or a bouquet and send them a friendly greeting for Valentine's Day. Give Valentine's Day cards to strangers.

Love isn't limited to people in relationships. You can spread the love in your own way and make what is a lonely day for many people a little warmer.

Sure, you can still call Valentine's Day "Singles Awareness Day," but there's no reason to be sad about being aware that you're single. Go enjoy yourself. Make another person's day better, or spend it making yourself a better person. You're single. It's your call.

Comments (6)

Hi. Chat me baby -
Its just a day. Come summer, she'll be getting more flowers and attention than she could deal with
Lol i haven't celebrated a single Valentine's Day in my life. I've been single since day 1. So honestly must not be missing anything important i suppose if i haven't gotten one notch in my belt yet. xD
I had been in and out of relationship that can make a Shriner yawn!

banana yawn
Easy to say, so difficult to do crying kinda sick of reflecting on my life and previous relationships on st valentines but guess I'll have to do it again frustrated

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