Online Dating- How to Spot if He's a Fake

Online Dating How to Spot if Hes a Fake

Despite many success stories, the Internet is littered with casualties of online dating. Unsuspecting single women may be targeted via bogus profiles on social networking sites, and many have fallen victim to dating scams. Fake profiles aren't always easy to spot, but the following tips may help:

Dubious photo

Check out the photo – does it have a white/plain background? Is he extremely good looking? Do you feel like you've seen him somewhere before? Fake profiles often display professional pictures of actors or models, and some photos are even stolen from other online media and model sites. If the photo looks too good to be true, then it probably is. If you're worried, ask him to take a picture of himself holding a paper with the words ConnectingSingles and the date or your username written on it. Don't give your email address to anyone who is not willing to do what it takes to show you they're real, or who gets angry at your caution.

Refusal to use Skype

Skype is a great way to weed out the fakes. This software application is free to download and use when exchanging calls with other Skype users. It also allows users to make video calls, enabling you to verify his appearance. If he's serious about using online dating as a means to meet a potential partner, he will almost certainly have a webcam. A refusal to use Skype should make you wary.

Poor memory

While it's unrealistic to expect him to remember everything that you tell him, be suspicious of continual memory lapses. You've told him about your family – he forgets you have a sister; you've waxed lyrical about your cat – he asks about your dog; you mention an incident that happened at work, but he doesn't remember what it is that you do. Singularly, these lapses of memory may be just that – but collectively, it's possible that he's confusing you with other women that he's 'dating' on the Internet. Many scammers will call you 'dear', 'pretty' or 'sweetie' so they don't have to worry about remembering your name.

Not forthcoming

Although you may be flattered that he's more interested in talking about you than himself, don't let this continue indefinitely. As the relationship progresses, press for more details about his background, hobbies, career, family, etc. If he's vague with his answers or reticent to disclose information, he may be hiding something. Are you frustrated because you can never get a straight answer? Scammers are good at avoiding answers to your questions. They reply with questions about you, change the subject and talk about how much they care about you, or ask again for your email address because 'it's so much easier to talk over there'.


If you're asked to follow a link on his dating profile, then cease contact immediately. Unscrupulous companies will often set up fake profiles and send out cut and paste mailings in order to draw traffic to their website; they will then try to coerce you into buying a product or joining a service. Additionally, duplicitous individuals may use malicious spyware in order to obtain personal and financial information.

International dating scams

Be particularly cautious of men who proclaim love at first email or international profiles that contain obvious grammatical errors. Women are often tricked into providing monetary assistance for 'ailing' relatives or wiring money for airfare. NEVER send money to a man you meet online – regardless of his alleged circumstances. A genuine admirer will not expect this from you. Equally, some men may be seeking citizenship, so be suspicious of premature marriage proposals.

Be also cautious of those contacting you far out of your area or age range. People who are seriously looking for longterm usually want to date someone near their age or location. It's best to search for someone who lives close enough to meet often and get to know each other slowly. (There are filters on your CS Edit page you can set to limit contacts by age, location, and other criteria)

Although there are downsides, Internet dating can be great fun and very rewarding. By using a little common sense, trusting your instincts and taking a few steps to verify the authenticity of your online beau, you will considerably reduce your chances of being duped.

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For more information about dating scam, click "scam warning" in the footer at the bottom of site pages, or read pages at

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The article does make people aware of scammers, and it has been happening a lot trust me I see it all. I honestly believe 90% of profiles on here are fake, yea it's like a coin with two sides men and women scammers, I kinda lost interest in here, cause everyone that comes along is fake, they always say they don't visit the site often and to give them an email address or phone numbers and I always reply if you wanna talk or get to know me more then we can chat on here for a while till things clear up, after all, it's all about the patient as soon they hear this I never hear from them again, I do ask them why they have age ticked 18 - 99 are they really goona date someone if he is 80 years old, well no answer from them, when I do get a like or a message I ask them what made them message me and why they found my profile interesting, no answers at all. So these scammers don't have the patience that is a sign to look out for and also they have pretty pictures of someone they took from the net, their profiles are too small sometimes the same sentence is repeated. the age selection and if you look with keen interest to their profile, something seems fishy and doesn't seem to add up. What hurts the most is if you think you find someone you may think is genuine and after spending much time found out that that person is fake it just heart breaking, you lost your precious time, your hopes, even money, and most of all knowing that you been fooled. Why people tend to go for online dating is that you meet people from all walks of life, from different places and it is kind of exciting and who knows if the stars align then find more than you hoped for, but the truth now is you get in more scammers then you hoped for, in all this mess you may found a good person but you brushed them away thinking they may be a scammer. So you see you kind of lose hope and that's the hardest part.
How true....So easy to tell, with saying their height ....4ft and wrong hair color... in their profile and not the same in their picture .Most profiles are not married and widowed and they are only 50 plus.. Broken english and they were born a lot. Cannot produce another picture Some are so smart, they take the same stolen picture and can put a sign in front of it. Usually there is more than one person answering you. They will be on line and not get back to you for several minutes or the next day. I have met people in my own area and it was the same picture but not who I was talking too..... So be careful. Most U.S profiles on this site are over seas .......ECT ECT You can tell with one or two sentences.
About skype is not true. You may not have limited internet. the best is what apps you can talk to anyone. I used to have a picture and then talk and meet is the best way. Of course in a public place
I agree with certain points. But I also believe its a matter of preference hence guys like myself are here.

Skype may be good for checking out appearance...

Very informative article.
head banger
thumbs up
Decent article, but this can also apply to fake women. I have been scammed by many women on sites like this. their profile says they are in the same area as me, but when they say they are out of the country, that is a huge red flag. Scammers always get around the blocking. Unfortunately, this article has probably been made by a woman and puts down all men. There are good men, like me looking for a relationship who are very much real.
Skype may be good for checking out appearance but it also leaves you wide open to getting your PC bugged. It is not worth chancing it with a stranger.
Thank you very much, this Im sure will come in very handy :)
I agree with certain points. But I also believe its a matter of preference hence guys like myself are here. Personally I am interested in having a multiracial relationship. Yes maybe someone who's not much older simply cause I want to have atleast one child someday. In my view it makes sense if I can broaden my search. Bear in mind that the demographics are totally against me in my country of birth. I am a genuine soul that's seeking a woman that will compliment me is that asking for too much ?
Very informative article. Thanks :)
Talk about being biased towards men!!!! Many women on CS have fake profiles as well using broken English and come from questionable countries that are known to be socialist infiltrators. So don't always victimize men as a whole who are
are real with their intentions.
To the women out there on CS stop playing the victim stop pulling out the victim card every time a gentleman wants to make contact. CS is very biased towards the women and feels they must protect little waifs. I do not mind protecting people's interest
However Women should be smart and clever like serpents to discern what is real and what is a scam. A simple click and the scammer is blocked.
Great article but why they only mention HE it can be SHE also.
I like this article a lot. It is very informative. Thanks!
Good evening

All written is just right and I think, each of us has to be very careful. Very good descripted and very important to talk about.

Greetings from Swiss
I've had many trying to scam me. I don't want let out any info. that I know, because I don't want them to know I'm on to them. I don't want them to stop using their wording, because that's how I know.
I found out on this guy had someones picture he got from a photography company ad. on the internet. They had him listed with like 4 names, and profiles. He also had a picture of his daughter, and it was off a ad for a salon. We have to be really careful, cause they are on all the date sites.
thanks for the information. i have been contacted by dubious pics and profiles. and many men will not use skype. they insist on using yahoo messenger.peace
Great article that all should read. I was scammed not too long ago and I am still bruised from the experience. Luckily I didn't loose any money. But the heart hurt. These people are pro's at what they do. I am a lot wiser now, but wish I had known more before, obviously. A painful learning experience!
Great article. Thanks!
wow Thanks for the info cheers

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