3 Things Couples Of Less Than A Year Shouldn’t Do

3 Things Couples Of Less Than A Year Shouldnt Do

It's easy to want to rush into all the wonderful things that relationships have to offer when you're in a new, exciting, and happy relationship. It's important to remember that all relationships are wonderful in the first few months. It takes time and going through things together to see how you really get along and manage to compromise. Here are three things you should never do with someone you've been dating for less than a year.

1. Move in together

Moving in together when you've been dating less than a year isn't the smartest idea. You want to see someone through all seasons and holidays before taking that big step. You want to see how you overcome stress and issues together before you move in together because once you do begin living together you'll have new situations to get used to. There should be no rush to live together. Don't use an excuse such as saving money or someone's lease will be up in order to rush the process.

2. Get a pet together

You may not think that getting a pet together is a big deal, but if the relationship ends, deciding who gets said pet will likely not be an easy choice. A pet becomes like a child to people and neither of you will simply want to say goodbye and go your separate ways. Don't get a pet together until you've been dating for more than a year and your relationship is stable.

3. Take out a loan together

Finances should be kept apart during your first year of dating. You should never take out a loan with someone you are newly dating and you definitely shouldn't take out a loan in your name for someone else. Don't make big purchases together in these early months. Don't buy a home, car, washing machine, or anything the requires you to pay over the course of months or years. It's too large a commitment to make when you're newly dating someone.

It's natural to want to rush relationships when things are going well, but rushing can actually bring trouble. Relationships are all good in the beginning because people are on their best behavior. It takes time to see what a person is like in different types of situations. Spend a year getting to know someone before you make life changes that involve them.

While you may feel a strong connection to someone and can't imagine living life without them, if you truly are considering a 'forever' relationship with the person, there is no reason to rush into making big decisions. Try to enjoy the dating portion of your relationship without rushing things along too fast. There will be plenty of time for the serious stuff later.

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