4 Signs You’re Dating A Father Figure

4 Signs Youre Dating A Father Figure

Everyone makes mistakes when dating. It's important that you be able to recognize these mistakes and get out before it's too late. Dating a father figure is one mistake many women make. At first he seems like a wonderful and protective man, but in time you begin to see the relationship for what it really is. Your relationship is more like a parent-child relationship.

Dating a father figure boyfriend is not fun unless you enjoy being controlled. This kind of man will tell you how to live your life because he's convinced that you can't make any proper decisions for yourself. Here are 4 signs that you are dating a father figure.

1. He makes rules for you

As a grown woman, you don't need anyone making rules for you, but the father figure type will constantly try to give you rules. He'll try to tell you when to sleep, wake up, and eat. The father figure thinks he knows what is best for you. He'll even scold you if you don't do as you're told. You will feel that you have a second father.

2. He handles all of the finances

While this might seem like a good thing because you don't like to deal with bills and numbers, the fact is everyone should know what's going on with their finances. A father figure wants to take over your finances, give you an allowance, and keep track of your spending. You will feel like you have to ask for permission to buy anything even though you work and earn your own money.

3. He's much older than you

In many cases when an older man chooses to be with a much younger woman, it's so that he can mould her into the type of woman he wants. He can't do that with older women who know who they are and can no longer be moulded. If you choose to date an older man, make sure that you know yourself first. Don't allow any man, your age or older, to mould you into the person he expects you to be.

4. He corrects your behaviour

No matter what you are doing, your father figure boyfriend will find a way to criticize and correct you. He'll teach you the correct way to do the dishes and the laundry. He will scold you for leaving a glass by the computer, not picking up after yourself immediately, or for acting in a way that he doesn't approve of. A father figure thinks he knows the correct way to do everything and must teach you.

If you're dating a father figure, it's important that you don't act like a child and abide by all of his rules. Dating a father figure is a lot different than dating someone, of any age, who just wants to be your boyfriend. It's definitely not for every woman.

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This article definitely seems to have been written by a feminist woman (the fanatic type one), the right title for this article should have been "signs for dating a father or mother figure", that would have made the article fair and objective, but what can you expect from a feminist woman, they criticize male chauvinists but they act exactly like them. They wouldn't realize it though. =D
Interesting Samsu
I am very surprised, that this article talk only about Father figure, when the Mother figure looks to be as often affecting relationships.
I had a 13 years relationship with an 16 years younger Indonesian Lady and she had in the end even change the account in the Bank only into her name, she took also care of all payments and organised our home just in her way.
I am a very strong person, have been in the Army in a powerfull position and an succesfull businessman, but still my Son said strait to her in our last year together, that she had manipulated his Father, to what she did not answer, but made a big smile.
After her, I married a 34 year younger Lady, but we was only living 5 month together, because she shange exactly everything in our home and our life into how she had lived before alone and as the top of everything, she try to controll, that I had my nails enough clean, even I know,that I am more clean than avarage People. When I confront her about that, she answered, that her Sister is always controlling every morning, that her Sons have clean finger nails, before they go to school.
After 2 month I got an ulcer, the preassure was to big, from her side, so I'm completely of the opinion, that this article are very onesided and it is not the men or the age difference, that is the only reason, I tink the biggest reason is Love and perhaps even onesided Love, where the one that is not Loving so much, use the situation and try to make everything, how they want it and try to force the soft hearted into to their power and that is exactly how I felt by my self in these two relationship,by my self.
In the first relationship, I did not even realise it, before I saw the big smile in that Ladies face, but in the second relationship I was already prepared and I protected my self very quickly.
In fact I believe, that we men face much more often Mother figures, than what women face Father figures, but we men just don't talk about it.
I had a 20 younger in my life and we had a very respectful Relationship never based on any type of "figure" I was not a father and not my daughter ,just a companion in equal and I learn a lot from her!
I think some women need to be treated like children.
father figures are nothing but insecure,controlling men. they need to control everything and that includs you. Also you will never be able to live up to there expectations and they will constantly nag,wine,complane and eventually beat on you to get you to submit to there ways. I say no thank you to the father figure as I have been there and it is toxic in every sence of the word.
I want my freedom and never want a father figure anymore and loose money .
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