The Benefits of a Cold Shower

The Benefits of a Cold Shower

Cold showers do not have the greatest reputation in the world. That probably has something to do with them being associated principally with killing sexual desire. They do have considerable and surprising benefits, though.

On a hot, sweat-filled August evening, there really is nothing better than soaking yourself in a nice cool refreshing shower. The thing is, it's not just unbearably warm summer days that you should sample the pleasures of cold water; it has all kinds of splendid health benefits that can be enjoyed all year round. Well, that's if you're man – or woman – enough to try it. So, here are a few of the benefits of the cold shower.

Improved sex life

The thing most people associate with a cold shower is cooling a raging libido. Well, it turns out there's no actual science to back this up. In fact, it more than likely will make things worse .

The Thrombosis Research institute showed that cold showers actually increase testosterone levels in men, meaning improved overall strength, energy levels and, yes, an increased libido. It also has the effect of increasing estrogen levels in women and thus increases their sex drive too.

Better circulation

Perhaps the best known benefit of a cold shower is better blood circulation and who doesn't want good circulation? Here's the science bit:

Cold water causes your blood to rush towards your organs, hot water causes it to move to the skin. Thus, switching between hot and cold water can improve blood circulation throughout the body. Why is this a good thing? Well, improved circulation makes for a more invigorated and warmer individual.

That's just for starters, though.

It also makes you look younger, as it keeps your skin and hair healthier. It also prevents varicose veins, the hardening of the arteries and hypertension.

Relieved Depression

This one is perhaps a little harder to prove. However, there is some research that suggests that cold-water showers do actually relieve some of the symptoms of depression. A study from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine indicated that short cold showers stimulate the brain's "blue spot," an area that provides people with the chemical noradrenaline.

This is known as the bodies "fight or flight" chemical and is responsible for its reaction to stressful situations. Thus, more noradrenaline can help the body perform well in situations people normally find quite stressful and stress is a key component in certain types of depression.

Increased Fertility in Men

Another example of the stirring benefits of cold water is the fact that it can make a man more fertile. Basically, sperm count decreases when the temperature of a man's testes increases and cold water has the effect of stimulating the man's sperm.

In the past, hot baths have actually been used as an effective form of contraception, although it is certainly not fool proof. So, if you want a baby anytime soon, cold-water showers are the way to go.

OK, some advice on the actual showering itself is probably now in order. Don't go from hot to cold in an instant. Gradually dial down the temperature and let your body adjust. After a few weeks, heat-deficient showers should become the norm. Your mind might not instantly thank you for it, but in the long run, your body will.

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