Tweaking Your Online Dating Profile to Attract Single Women

Tweaking Your Online Dating Profile to Attract Single Women

Your online dating profile is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to single women online. You only have a split second to grab their attention and make a good first impression. If your online dating profile isn't catchy, inspiring and altogether unique, single women will probably ignore it.

If you are not meeting the type of single women you hoped for, or single women don't respond to your e-mail, it might be because your online dating profile lacks the details that single women look for.

In just a few simple steps, you can tweak your online dating profile to attract the single women that you would most like to meet. The more thought and time you put into your online dating profile, the more likely it will be that you'll start hearing from compatible single women. Remember it isn't attracting any and all single women. It is about hearing from those select few single women who share your interests.

Uploading a photo that is recent, clear and a close-up is the most important thing you can do to attract single women through your online dating profile. Single women want to see a true representation of what you really look like. If you have digitally enhanced your photo to touch up a few gray hairs, whitened your teeth at least 3 shades, or have covered some zits or freckles, your first date could be your last. Misleading single women will get you in hot water later.

If there are dramatic changes in your appearance, update your photo. If your online dating photo shows you in significantly longer or shorter hair, or you have grown a beard since the picture was taken, update the photo to your online dating profile with your new look.

Other things to keep in mind when uploading pictures to your online dating profile, is not to use group shots or shots with children. The more people appearing in a picture, the more confusing and unclear it gets. The privacy of children needs to be protected so it is best not to make those public in online dating profiles.

Whatever you do, don't even think about putting up a picture of you when you were much younger, one of your more attractive friends, or putting a picture of a Hollywood superstar in your online dating profile. The trust meter will go way below zero when you do meet in person and single women won't accept any excuses for a lie this bold.

Single women expect honesty. A guaranteed way to turn off single women in a flash is to tell even a white lie in your online dating profile. Leaving out major details won't win you any points with single women either.

If you are a smoker or even just a social drinker, be up front and honest about it in your online dating profile. Never lie about your age by even a year. Your weight isn't something to stretch the truth about either. These are not things you'll want to spring on single women after you meet them.

Be yourself and be unique. Single women have the opportunity to look at many online dating profiles and if you want to catch their eyes, use some creativity when filling in the "All About Me" section. Use the allotted space in the online dating profile to set yourself apart from the crowd and avoid the cliché type phrases that everyone else uses including:

  • Handsome prince in search of Cinderella
  • Let me be your knight in shining armor
  • Hopeless romantic searching for Ms. Right

The online dating profile is not a place for telling single women how lonely you have been since your bad relationship ended in total chaos. Single women realize that you have probably been in other relationships but they aren't ready for the gory details.

Use your online dating profile to talk about what interests you have and how you spend your leisure time. This will give single women a glimpse of your personality and what your moral values are like.

An example of someone appearing quite desperate in an online dating profile and probably not attracting much interest from single women would look something like this:

"I've never tried online dating before and don't know what to say but here goes. I'm looking for single women of all ages for fun. I do work a lot but find time to hang out with my friends and walk my dog. Smokers and fat chicks need not apply."

An online dating profile that is more likely to be read and attract the interest of single women might look like this one:

"I enjoy my fast paced career and the companionship of my St. Bernard, George. I am interested in meeting slim, non-smoking, single women between the ages of 25-30."

Take some time to think about the type of single women you hope to attract through your online dating profile and then describe them using your own words.

Be truthful with single women viewing your online dating profile about the type of relationship you are hoping to find. If you are not looking for marriage but would like to build great friendships with single women, make sure you put checks in all the right boxes.

Once your profile has been updated, show it to a friend for a second opinion. With a little work, you will have a more appealing online dating profile and are likely to be hearing from more single women in the near future.

Comments (5)

'Smokers and fat chicks need not apply', confused just dont use negetive words
leave me and my baby girl alone right she loves me likes me and cares for me ok so back off people.
Yup, Bebe. Hit the nail right on the head.
Puh-lease! How about not doing a 180 between your online behavior and your real behavior? In other words, don't be oh-so-romantic online to sucker the woman into meeting you and then turn into a cold hearted twit once you meet her.
Uhmmm... nope, doesn't work. Actually nothing works as far as it goes. Since oh about 1994 (starting on the Houston Matchmaker BBS system, before it even became a website) I think I've tried pretty much everything there is to try, and I've averaged a little less than 1 single movie and dinner date per year. Ok, a lot less probably. help Unless you're a single guy looking to date obese women, or pregnant women who's boyfriends just dumped them, it's pretty much mission impossible in my experience. I wish I knew a better way, I really really do... moping

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