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How Age Gaps Can Affect a Relationship

How Age Gaps Can Affect a Relationship

Age differences have become more common in relationships, and someone being significantly older or younger than their partner is no longer the taboo it once was. However this doesn't mean that having a large age gap in a relationship is not without its difficulties.

One of the biggest issues faced by couples who have a large age gap in their relationship is that they will often have different plans for the future of the relationship. In many cases the older partner in the relationship will be looking to settle down and start a family, while the younger partner is not always ready for such a commitment. In some cases the older partner already has family commitments from a previous relationship, which can cause friction with their current partner. On a similar note, the possibility of starting a family may lead to tension where the younger person would like to have children but their older partner has a family from a previous relationship, and doesn't want to have any more children.

Partners in relationships with large age gaps often find it difficult to relate to their partner's friends, sometimes finding their older partner's friends boring or their younger partner's friends immature. Even if this is not the case, their partner's friends often leave them out of the group, either consciously or subconsciously. Similarly, partners may have different ideas of fun places for dates.

As with any relationship, insecurity is one of the main issues which can destroy a happy couple. When in relationships with an age gap, partners often find themselves worrying that their other half will run off with someone their own age.

Honesty and communication are important factors in any relationship, but even more so when there is a large age gap between partners. If the relationship is meant to be then the partner will understand any issues, and be willing to work towards resolving them. Many people in these relationships, particularly the older partner, make the mistake of bottling up their feelings, assuming that their partner will not understand due to the age difference, or is too immature to want to change. Communication is of particular importance with regards to future plans for marriage and family.

Some relationships with age gaps simply won't work, as with any relationships, however by talking things through and making the effort to respect your partner's needs you can increase the chances of making the relationship work in the longer term.

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The entire affair is the most optical illusion and not even gods can go beyond their delusions....never mind We.
Appearance and sensuality runs in our veins, how can we settle for that which doe not attract us?..
I personally believe that it isn't the "Age" factor that makes (or breaks) a good relationship. It is due to a few factors. I believe that Maturity and Responsibility are two main factors. Not to mention, Honesty and Reliability. Those are what makes a good and communicative relationship.

Also, being financially stable, as well as emotional. Without those elements, those relationship expires quickly than one may realize.
The President of Finland is Married with a 29 years younger Lady and the majority of Finnish people love them as a couple and where ever they are together, it is easy to see, that there is True Love between them, but before they married, that Lady was working in a leader position in the same Party as the President, so in my opinion it is not the age that is the most important, if it is working or not and in this case it is clearly two factors, that make their relationship and marriage successfull and stable and that is True Love and interests in the same things.
I have had by my self big gap in relationship,but there was no problem in any situation, about age differense, the only thing that made the real problem, was that we did not have interests in the same things.
Here when it comes to start a family this thing should be discussed first i mean in beginning phase.As far as closeness with friends these thing can be settle down with time.There both should have patience while taking on this front.Do not chase insecurity,it can kill any kind of relationship.Any kind of relationship can and is work which have faith and affection and here again age gap relationship is no exception.
What I found was that dating an older partner is ok depending on the situation..If the man is too old like the woman is 30 and hes 55 or 60 I seen situations where the older man was scorned from previous relationships and other things and never dealt with his emotions and issues therefore they look for a younger lady to take that shit out on. So young ladies and young gentlemen watch out for the scorned old ones they look and act like this little blue facemumbling
my last was 20 and I was her first..we had a 8 months very fusional Relationship without any gap problems based on a common respect.. and things have ended "naturally" jealousy or possession ..she has now someone else in life (younger !)logical! and life goes on...
Age does matter. ( I never understud a 20 years old looking for a 58 years old). Yes with age difference but in the limits.doh
I guess sometimes it is good to be a dime short, and a day laterolling on the floor laughing
My last husband was 20 years my junior but our problem wasn't the age gap, but his anger issues.
I think any relationship has to do with compatibility & respect for their partner, no their age. I've dated older guys who acted like they were 5 years old! mumbling
I am starting to like this site. I am new here after being dumped from another dating site for unknown reasons. Good article.

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