7 Online Dating Tips For Beginners

7 Online Dating Tips For Beginners

If you've never dated online before, there are some things that you should know. While it's a great way to meet new people, it can be a little complicated. Here are some tips for new online daters.

1. Fill out your profile completely

Your profile is the first impression you will be giving someone who reads it. You want to answer the questions that are asked. But you might not want to answer a question about your income because the answer may attract people with ill intent. Any questions about your lifestyle, hobbies, and dating preferences should be answered truthfully. Profiles are how online daters weed out the people who interest them from the ones who don't. When you start reading profiles, you will appreciate the ones that are filled out completely.

2. Include a picture

New online daters often think a picture shouldn't matter because it's what's inside that counts. Everyone has preferences about what they like and don't like in a person. You don't want to shock or be shocked when you finally meet someone in person. Along with filling out your profile to the best of your ability, adding a photo saves time. You don't want to waste time talking with someone only to find out they aren't who they said or they didn't add a picture for a reason. People often lie about what they look like. They may make themselves more attractive or a lot slimmer than they are.

3. Move swiftly

Online dating is just a way to meet people. You don't actually want to sit on the computer for months and years on end online dating the same person. After you meet someone online and exchange emails for a bit, it's time to move onto the next step which should be talking on the phone or Skyping. If the other person makes excuses about why he cannot do either, it's time to move on. Don't waste your time with silly excuses. If he cannot do those, then meeting in person is sure to be even more of a challenge.

4. Do your research

So many people fail to do their research because they want to believe that they are being told the truth about everything. If the person you have met claims to be a model, check it out. If they have told you the name of their agency, don't hesitate to call and find out if they are actually connected with that agency. It's easy for people to lie because no one does a background check. Don't feel like you're being nosy or offensive if you check up on him. You are taking a preventative measure in protecting yourself.

5. Don't ever, ever, ever send someone money

Common sense seems to escape a lot of people who hear a few nice words of love and commitment. Don't be one of those people. If you think you've met a very successful businessman, and he has suddenly fallen on hard times or has been in a serious accident shortly after you meet him and needs money, you're being scammed. Never send money to someone you met online money. Why would he need money from you? He must have at least one friend or family member he can go to. If he claims they won't lend him the money, believe that there is a very good reason for it. Don't invest in your online dates new business venture. Don't pay for his ticket to come and see you. Don't help him catch up on his mortgage payments even if he promises that you'll be coming to live with him soon.

6. Ask lots of questions

Online dating is all about communication. After you've read a profile and begun talking with someone, follow up on the things you read. Don't pretend like you really know him just because you read a few lines in a profile. If he says he's a sports fanatic, ask him about his favourite teams and what he plays. If he says he's traveled all over the world, ask him where he's been and what his favourite city is. Be aware of how much your online date is asking about you. If he has nothing to ask you, it's not strange to wonder why. This person doesn't know you, he should have plenty of questions to ask about you and your life.

7. Don't commit too soon

Committing too soon is a problem a lot of people get into with online dating. They think they've met "the one" before they've ever talked on the phone or met in person. The chances that it's real love before you've met is very slim. Avoid saying "I love you" or committing too soon, no matter what you might be feeling. This will also save you from being scammed by people who will use your feelings to sucker you into sending them money. There is really no rush to commit, so at least wait until you've met in person. When you commit to someone too soon, you might find you stop asking them questions about themselves and start planning a life with them. This makes it seem more like a fantasy than a potential relationship.

Online dating is a popular and great way to meet new people if you're willing to use common sense and take your time. Online dating is not a quick and easy way to find true love. It takes just as much work as any other form of dating.

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Thank you. I really appreciate this article, and hope that some more tips can be presented soon. Point 3 has me agreeing, and disagreeing at the same time because I think that one may appear desperate if one move's too quickly, which may, in turn, encourage potential scammers. What do you think? ,

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