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Lemon Breeze Lysol...

For years I've used Lysol disinfectant spray. The office I retired from has 4 restrooms and they supply Febreze odor eliminator. It was horrible. The product is designed to mask odors... that's it.
A few times a month, I would buy Lysol and stock the restrooms. Although the boss wanted Febreze, the workers actually preferred to use the Lysol I supplied.

Available in any grocery store and Home Depot, Lemon Breeze was my favorite scent.

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Well, as of a few weeks ago it was available.
The CDC announced Lysol kills Corona Virus... Well, duh.
Now, everywhere I shop the shelves of Lysol products are empty.
Can you spell hoarding?

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Sunday morning I went to Home Depot and Wal-Mart expecting to find some Lysol spray...

I did hear one worker telling customers you can make your own disinfectant using rubbing alcohol and the recipe is on Google...

Good luck finding alcohol on retailers shelves, people are hoarding alcohol too!

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I buy the berry and basil Lysol regularly, but couldn't find it earlier this afternoon since most of all Lysol disinfectant sprays were sold out at Walmart. I did get the last citrus Lysol that was on the shelf though.
Today I heard from a top notch expert saying washing hands as well as under finger nails is way better than any thing ese as it breaks down bacteria faster..Why don't you try a bucket of soapy water to wipe everything with.
I forgot to mention soap is far superior to any thing else.
Chat - your second photo. Look to the right - Lysol ! laugh
Mercedes, a quick spray in the restroom works. Doorknobs, faucets, etc. Soapy water isn't practical in that application. Lysol spray on fabric chair seats and arm rests too!
Don't you have a cleaner to pay?

You will have to make a home remedy..I use disinfectant wipes..Not because of Carona..It shits all over fart arsing around.
Jim, although it's a Lysol product, that's the KITCHEN PRO cleaner, best used on hard surfaces like countertops, stainless steel appliances.

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The products that disappeared off the shelves are the aerosol can variety.
He needs lemon breeze remember, Jim. laugh
I never said, that.... it would be a breeze. laugh
I thought Febreze was for a smelly va*ina?
Febreze had to be the #1 product to mask offensive smells in old homes by real estate agents. I knew female agents that bought it by the case. laugh
Oooooooooooh laugh

I remember now it's called femfresh or something like that for a smelly va*ina
Totally different product;

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Although you might be tempted, don't try Mr. Clean down there either. laugh
How can men put their nose down there let alone lick the bloody thing when it's all smelly?

I don't smell down there or under the arms nor have foot odour when I workout out..Heat waves I still smell yum..

Have smelt smelly va*ina's on the bus when the air con isn't working..I get head spins with that bloody smell.
Chat order your Lysol online. Pay more but you get it.
I think they're meant to smell a bit bad, otherwise nothing would get done at all..

It probably says something like that in the bible, I'm not sure but it kind of makes sense.
Makes sense that an atheist such as I doesn't smell down there regardless of all the seafood I eat.
Okay, so the tone of my blog changed from tough virus to tuff muff... laugh
Thanks Fay, I'll check with Wal-Mart online.
You seriously going to call walmart and ask if they've got smelly wingles? ...Thats a bit keen I think

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