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Hillary's comment about 1/2 of Trump supporters being a "basket of deplorables" wasn't harsh enough

This evening from Salon;

(continued in my first comment below)

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(Continued from above)

(continued from above)

Not harsh enough perhaps, but did it arguably result in 4 years of Trump, in which case it was clearly extremely unwise!?
No. Suckers believing his many lies had a lot more to do with that.
Good for you my fine fellow.

But Jimbob, without your convoluted rhetoric. Have you ever heard the expression "explaining is complaining"?

Akin to making exucuses whilst not actually stopping the whaammmubulance at the bottom of the cliff.

I think you need to consider reality, regardless of your die hard politics whether red, blue, pink or whatever. Biden is a 'walking' disaster
BTW, as for the Haitians wanting a better life in the Western World thanks to Hillary's and Jed's fraudulent 'crisis' crossing the border with millions of dosh.....don't you think it's a tad hypocritical that Killery speaks now.

I'm pretty sure that Killery and smidgeon Biden would concur.......what do you reckon mate? Do ya reckon Killary and Biden are honest or do you reckon they deserve a break regardless of donations?

But... But ... Mr.Bo ...... can't you just send somemore money to poor Mr. Trump? I hear his future and finances are in a deplorable state!crying blues
What Hillary Did Wrong - Spot On Analysis By An Uber Leftie ...
... It was a Bizarre choice - I couldn't pull a lever for Either of 'em ... talk to hand

I know a politically savvy '16 Bernie Bro & former Prez of a State University Healthcare Union who Actively(!) supported The Don in '20 & voted for a 'Publican Prez for the 1st time since '72. He's Not an isolated case ...

For Better or Worse - Neither Major Party is now what was in '08.

Yeah, I wanna see how many Bernie Bros. vote for Trump or Republican. Maybe go to a rally in a phone booth somewhere? Do they still have any?

"Yeah, I wanna see how many Bernie Bros. vote for Trump or Republican. Maybe go to a rally in a phone booth somewhere? Do they still have any?""

To be honest Rapunzel, I find it ironic when you mentioned phones. Wasn't it Obama that handed out phones, just so long as they voted for a 'freebie'.

You're obviousely more up to date than me regarding American politics (I'm a kiwi), but isn't that tantamount to bribery? Similar to the 'refugee' from Minnesota paying for votes

Either way Rapuzel.......doesn't look good does it, the piper calls the tune as Obama tweets
Im surprised the Dems have a 1 in 3 odds rating. Huge likelihood the incumbent Party in Whitehouse will lose seats in House and Senate.

The Coatails vs. Anger theories will definitely be Anger this time.

"The stronger the presidential victory margin or the more seats won in the presidential year and therefore 'at risk,' the greater will be the subsequent midterm seat loss."
Another reason: the so-called "presidential penalty," or the tendency of more voters to go the polls only when they are angry. If more angry voters vote than do satisfied voters, the president's party loses."

But there will be plenty of anger this time on both sides.

"The future is now"- George Allen.

"The future is not now"-me.

"Only Time will tell".- me

They're now Collectables ...

In a possibly related News Item ...
Clark Kent was arrested for Public Disrobing

There is still plenty of anger simmering against Trump. It wont turn in to apathy next November. Future events will feature bigly one way or another.
yep,Jim,Hillary is truly Alinsky's child!
What Hilary Clinton says is true to history. Anybody who doesn't understand Fascism and hasn't read world history on Fascism (from approx. 1920 right through to today) will not see this. Historically Fascism has not been very successful, not for the want of trying but because it has always been ruthlessly challenged and physically fought. Not opposed by Government, not fought and repressed by police forces. It has always been countered and defeated by Antifa (Anti Fa-scist) and similar organizations.
You can spot a Republican / Fascist / Racist etc. fairly easily. They don't hide it. They are up front, vocal and aggressive. If you don't believe what I say then read some history.
America is heading for serious trouble, there is only so much a democratic government can do. Don't expect Biden or any other President to halt what is coming down the tracks. It has always been left to Antifa and similar bodies to fight and defeat Fascism and all the other long list of right wing trouble makers. The police force is more than sympathetic to the aggressors, check this fact too, so where does that leave the government. Then give some thought to the brave anti fascist / fascistic fighters (both men and women) who have kept you safe, some of whom paid for it with their lives, while many more are left with life disabling injuries. Better still, find out how you can help to save your country.
Something slightly off topic but somehow connected, for those of you who object to Mexicans crossing the southern border, try to keep in mind that the American southern states belonged to them, until America took them and destroyed the lives of so many families.
I would ask those Republican supporters and agitators, do you really understand what you are supporting / voting for, do you really want a Fascist led Authoritarian Government. Remember Germany, Italy and Spain. By the way Italy may reach this point again before America does so you might get a chance to observe what life will be like from the safety of your basement.
Fascism is not a new problem in the world or in America, Donald Trump maliciously gave it a major boost, brought it out into the open and 'normalized' it for the deplorables and foreign agitators.
Ol' Joe may be having Anger Issues with 'CRATS ...

Right You Are ...thumbs up

No point in posting to Conrad about fascism. I quote the standard dictionary definitions to him and he says its crap.! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Why Obnoxious Marxists will Always CLING to their (Bread) Basket of Deplorables -
Candace needs to come back down to earth since her overnight celebrity and wealth. Her 'great' perspective and 'sound' ideas are bound to quickly fade, drown out by her self obsession.. roll eyes

Tucker Carlson wonders WTF Candace Owens is babbling about.

Who the hell gets kicked off after two minutes on Tucker Carlson.. rolling on the floor laughing


One very smart lady...
I love her passion. Unfortunately, she is highly confused.
Crazed Woke Leftist Confusion -

flex Man + Scalpel + Lipstick = Woman shimmy

Y'all want Confusion confused ... THAT'S Confusion!!

SOUTH PARK makes More Sense than Confused Crazed Woke Leftists ...

daydream IF ... The National Divorce ever becomes Final -
The new Union of Woke Soviet Republics (UWSR) is gonna be a Freak Show

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Union of Woke People's Republics (UWPR) ... Has a better ring to it
Anthem Of The Coming Glorious UWPR


Comrade Bernard to be Unanimously Proclaimed 1st Woke Proletariat Dictator of the UWPR aka WPDOTOTUWPR (Not as catchy as POTUS, but what the Hell)

WPDOTUWPR Comrade Bernard appointments Woke former Goldwater Girl, Hildebeest 1st Secretary of Deplorable Denunciation.

AOC & The Squad are given positions of Commissars of Re-Education professor
... And ENFORCEMENT ... devil


Lol.....excuse me but what is 'Salon'?

Is it a publication or where you get your information? Or maybe your hairdresser?

hair dresser? his picture is over 15 yo. he's probably bald
Who is Hal?

Honestly I have never heard of this guy but that is not surprising. He would not fit the description of "main stream media". But that does make sense and answers at least one of my conjectures....where do the lefties get their source of information?

Now jimbo gets his from a source called "Salon", another name I'm not familiar with, but quite possibly this Hal guy is a hairdresser there. He fits the mold....he interrupts constantly. Too funny!

Since you are unable to do any proper research yourself;

Never heard of it. I suppose it has its own following.

I'm not surprised. It requires reading skills.

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