Where am I really from?

That's the question that has been bugging me for a while now. I know I was born in Copenhagen, so that makes my nationality Danish, but I don't know where my ancestors were from. I have always wanted to know, so yesterday evening I bought a DNA testing kit, which I will have in my possession sometime next week.

I am still not sure how the DNA kit works, but the package will have instructions on how to perform and send the test. A few weeks later, I will get an email with my results.

I have always been told, that my grandfather was a ship builder in the southern part of Denmark, but I was then told yesterday, that one of my descendants were a deserter from the German forces back in World War 1, so it's possible that I have some unknown German family somewhere. Maybe, possibly further down in Europe. I am not expecting anything other than European. In fact, I am probably with 98% certainty a European, but you never know. I would, however, LOVE to have one of those "Well, I didn't expect THAT" moments.

We'll see once the results are in. I will, of course, keep you posted about the findings!
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These places have a clause that they can use the results as they wish, so maybe for advertising or on selling to an insurance company etc... I would be hesitant about that.

My bet would be a surprising mix from different continents, the results will be interesting.
Your ancestors come from a life of gut-wrenching poverty beyond our ability to comprehend. That's where they come from. Beyond that you're a Dane and maybe even a European. I know that the continent likes the EU far more than we do.
I think an Ancestry Site would give you a better idea than a DNA Analysis would. - In my case :-

On my mother's side, there are at least THREE Nationalities - just two Generations back,

My fathers side there is just One nationality, for at least Three Generations. - Yet the SURNAME of my Father with One Nationality, for Three Generations, had a SURNAME that suggests Ukrainian or Russian, and not DUTCH. - The surname is an occupation in Russia, or in the Ukraine, a piece of equipment used in a spa.
So with a DNA sample, WHICH nationality would I belong to? - confused

To complicate matters even a little more, - does one consider Paternal lineage or Maternal Lineage? doh
Ditto on that wrenching poverty..
120 years ago, the average life span of a North American was 42 years...
Little known factoid*...in the year 1999, the average life span of an AMERIKAN DOCTOR was 52.

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