Did I miss something???

The blog from last night ... there it is gone shock

Why, beats the crap out of me confused dunno

Now having said that, there is a strange north wind blowing uncertain

Me thinks perhaps the wind blew it out hmmm

take care you all, not to get caught in the wind hole
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I'm not sure which one you're referring to Ms. Witch but golly it's cold where I am and slept like a baby last night.
mmm do not know but you are missing a needle felting figure i have done for you ho grin my update craft blog cheering cheering cheering
What about a western hurricane, Itchy? dunno

We often get those here, coming from Florida over the Atlantic.grin
Sometimes it even blows my door mat away.doh
tip hat ... Nice hat, Witch!

Celtic......Glad you following my fashion trend with a hat. You are learning from me at last. My influence has reached you.
thumbs up
Celtic.. nice photo and is dreamy does you justice. thumbs up
Mic knows a good hat when He sees one..

wave All dolled up
Why thank you lee tip hat
but I don't half wear it as well as yourself ...
If I were following your trend Crown, I'd be wearing a bonnet easter bonnet

Heavens" I don't deserve such compliments sad

Kindness like sweetness weakens me so, which I don't like sigh

But thank you Swamie, you're a sweetheart hug

hey ichywink i did not notice the mystery blog...what was it aboutdunno
wave lee
would you believe, I have forgotten ....
but thank you for the song, not heard that one in years wine

If we are now going with wind songs roll eyes

it's a good songbeer

do you like this onewink

Such a beautiful song very happy
i'm sure you will enjoy thisbeer
Right you are... I did wine

However, I enjoyed Patrick more smitten

Cheers for the music Lee wave

G'night now sleep
I beg to differ, M'dear Witch ... scold

You carry off the Witchy Carmen Sandiego Look Really Well - Better'n She does

Hello Lee wave

Gotta go Lee so G'bye Lee and we'll argue about that one again lee lol

gotta go
It'll be a Helluva lot easier if you simply Agree With Me ... mumbling

Lee... I love this song (Dust in the Wind,,)
I used to play it on the guitar.
Thing is Lee, I'm not the easy type shimmy lol

Perhaps life would be more exciting if I were sigh

Maybe someone ought bring out a blog about just that typing
Maybe Dani Mr Charming meant you conversing
She never do Anything Nice ... An' Easy. She do Everything ... Rough ...

Don't know about the exiting part but I do think it would be much Moore pleasurable....laugh
Load shedding is killing me...sigh
A very appropriate song Lee handshake
oddly enough, a song I often sing.
Pleasurable .... what was that again, it sounds kind of familiar confused


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