Making plans for the USA! (part 3)

I'm slowly getting things in order for my trip to the USA next year. I've sorted accommodations, which gives me the kind of calm that I need when there's so much to plan.

I asked my friend straight up, if I could stay at her place for the week. She lives in a 1 bedroom apartment, but if I can handle the couch, I am more than welcome to stay at her place. Immediately, my answer was "I'll take the couch for the week!". That frees up more money to spend on things, which is extremely positive.

So now, I just need to save up for the spending money, and I'll be ready! 272 days 10 hours and 14 minutes until the plane takes off! Super excited!
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Biden said no penatration in the USA without monkey test plus carbon tax plus republican tourism tax. All restroom fees waved under Biden compost relocate act. thus sewer exstension pipe transit loop. See you next year

You do realise the US is a large country? I spent a year working and travelling around the states and then only saw maybe 10% of the country, and that was visiting around 12 states. One week will allow you to adjust to the time difference and that is about all.
Where does your friend live?

Not sure if they still do this but on my first visit to the US I landed in Seattle and bought a greyhound coach round ticket to Austin Texas, stopping for a few days in several cities, that trip lasted 6 months, the max visa allowed at that time, although I extended it for a further 6 months by going to Mexico for a few days then back to Texas.
I know the USA is huge, but my plan is to spend one week in VA. My friend lives in Annandale, VA, so I'm pretty close to DC, which I am going to visit one of the days I'm in the US. To begin with, I'm gonna how it's like to visit the country, and if I want to go back at some point in the future. I'm not really hooked on the touristy places. I prefer to visit the more "traditional" places, if that makes sense
That made no sense - at all..
Philipsen ~ I am so sorry I did not do that when I could have due to a job I was offered in the meantime.
I am delighted you are doing this and really wish you the very best.
Just keep an eye on the BP and bake beans of all things are terrific for BP but perhaps anti social.
Also you will be walking around more and getting exercise. Best of luck.wave
Washington DC has a pretty good subway system. The Smithsonian museums are a good investment in time. Save a lot of money because DC can be expensive. Georgetown and Alexandria, Virginia are also expensive. Hope you have a nice time.wave
I live here in the US and besides CA where I live, I’ve only seen Washington DC, New York, and AZ. Lol. So don’t feel bad if you can only make it to VA.
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