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When Do Attempts At Persuasion Become Controlling and Manipulative?11,313351Sep 2011Oct 2011Apr 2
Speaking of Controlling and Manipulating - What Is It About Women and CATS???4,075123Sep 2011Sep 2011Apr 12
s*xual Pleasure: How Great a Relationship Factor (or, if you prefer, think something strange about t4,553355Sep 2011Sep 2011Apr 13
Conversation With A Canadian Couple: A Triumph of Virtual Long-Distance Love4,381162Aug 2011Sep 2011Apr 14
America the Free????19,422738May 2011Sep 2011Apr 13
Saving All Creatures Semi-Great and Small (or: Nature's Revenge?)1,89173Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 15
Not Sure How Many Realize Profile Color Scheme Can Be Changed1,03334Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 12
Dating out of your financial and/or socioeconomic class...3,427101Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 10
The Long Goodbye: The Never-Ending Virtual Romantic Relationship17,272383Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 13
Does True Love Require the Angst, Longing and Pining for, and Extreme s*xual Desire of Passionate Ro2,79287Jul 2011Aug 2011Apr 13
The Aura of Female Mystery as it Relates to Communication3,198240Jul 2011Jul 201116 hrs ago
Men and Women: What Is Their Natural Power Relationship? (A ThreadThat Is Not About... )6,933230Jul 2011Jul 2011Mar 27
What is your Relationship Script?12,291226Jun 2011Jul 2011Apr 11
How do personal tragedy or other stresses affect your libido?4,14847Jun 2011Jul 2011Mar 26
Ambivalence: Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay11,169319Jun 2011Jun 20114 hrs ago
What Have You Learned From Past Relationships, And Will That Knowledge Help In The Future?8,432266Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 14
What language of love do you speak?5,046189Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 12
The Goodbye Thread: How you Know, What you Feel, and What you Do, when it's Over8,674244May 2011May 2011Apr 12
What are or have been your bottom-lines/deal-breakers?5,457203Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 9
The True Story of Easter2592Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 3
Is it reasonable to ask or expect a partner to change?6,087476Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 14
Must We Solve Most or All of Our Issues Before Entering A Relationship?5,210423Mar 2011Apr 2011Apr 12
To Women: Do You Find The Attractiveness of A Man's Hands Important?6,079130Mar 2011Mar 2011Mar 30
Question for HSD: Does Obama's belief in assassination without oversight meet with your approval?1,21634Nov 2010Nov 2010Mar 30
Is Marriage a Failure?3,15080Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 14
Humbe Like Jesus?3634Aug 2010Aug 2010Mar 21
5 Things Society Unfairly Expects of Men1,40345Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 5
I'm Nearly 57 and Most CS Women Don't Love or Desire Me. Are They Crazy or...?1,65293Apr 2010May 2010Mar 1
Looking for a Lady who's NOT into: Games, Drama, Emotional Baggage, Self-Pity, Cheating....3,860161Apr 2010May 2010Apr 15
Do you have Taboo Subjects? How do you handle long-standing disagreements with lovers or family?6,417262Apr 2010Apr 201017 hrs ago
The Momentum Style of Love vs. Steady State Style of Love1,65360Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 12
It's NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY! Will anyone join me in Celebrating?1,60674Mar 2010Mar 201022 hrs ago
Why are all women horrible because they all don't love me and want to have sex with me?3,286208Mar 2010Mar 2010Apr 11
Are you happy or unhappy with the level of government intervention in your country?1,21742Feb 2010Feb 2010Mar 16
Obama Confidant's Spine-chilling Proposal1,14652Jan 2010Feb 2010Apr 5
Ladies - what amount of hair do you prefer in a man?1,01634Feb 2010Feb 2010Mar 19
AVATAR and the Current State of American Affairs7877Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 11
Obama Administration supports torture and imprisonment without charges3648Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 6
Swine Flu: Path to Martial Law?93530Oct 2009Nov 2009Apr 8
Halloween Costumes64020Oct 2009Oct 200910 hrs ago
The Current Health System - Pros and Cons4,88168Aug 2009Aug 2009Mar 2
Something "fishy" about Obama's Health Care Views41619Aug 2009Aug 2009Mar 19

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