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lynn brianne

Upon the hillside
of lynn brianne
under a spreading tree
over looking winding water
wide as one could see
forest lay beside her
as lovers there today
side by side to stay
essence peaceful landscape
inspirations thought
man is one with nature
tranquility is caught

let your soul
let your life
let your spirit soar
high upon the hillsides
climb right to the top
songs of inspiration
natures song cant stop

dew falls on lynn brianne
to kiss a land so green
beauty lying all around
countryside serene
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (2)

Beautifully written, & a wonderful daydream... I looked up Lynn Brianne(or LLyn-Welsh spelling-lol). It's truly beautiful... and you couldn't have done a better job, with both the description, & the idea of lovers enjoying a stay at this gorgeous, scenic place.
rose rose rose
Simply beautiful.. your words took me Lynn Brianne!hug
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