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Twilight Eyes

Twilight eyes about to go to sleep
pull your curtains on the world of light
who knows the secrets that you keep
are they blue or are they simply white

Twilight eyes soft and ever blue
hold the images of times best forgotten
can you sleep the whole night through
forget the past it was rotten

Once you walked the shady street
where a hundred faces only misused you
made you cold from head to feet
took the white and made it dark blue

It seems only God truly forgives
human nature may not always bend
we all need one who lets us live
with our soul made white not blue
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2011

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Comments (9)

Hi, serpico12,
I love the color blue, though not to be seen through Twilight eyes, so sad. we all need one who lets us live with our soul true! Thanks for sharing.
hi gn thanks, for your added comment..kind of sad but its more observation..thanks..again..wave
niah9online today!
Clever write serpico....can't you learn so much from eyes....Niah
grin so best put my shades back rolling on the floor laughing
Wow, beautifully written poem - thought-provoking. Love it!
bouquet teddybear bouquet
hi niah..thanks so much..yes you can learn a lot from the eyes..they say the eyes are the gateway to the soul..lovely thought..thank pop the shades on if you

aww scatlyn thank you so very much for loving my work..and saying so..its great to find someone who loves what i others too, but you do stand out..and i appreciate your time to view and write...
trurorobonline today!
very sad but a strong point made!
thanks rob..i was just imagining some people in life who have to live in the shadow of not being forgiven for past discressions..just a thought..thanks for viewing ..
Humen Nature is to Ignore what good you've done in ur life And point at you once u do one mistake!

LOVED THIS POEM !! You Keep getting better and better !
a Wrtie that is full of emotions !

hi swan..and thank you for those kind words, yes you are so can do 99 things right and 1 wrong..and its the wrong that is highlighted..
they do say to err is human and forgive divine..lot of truth in that..thanks again ...
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