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love is the twelfth of never

Love is a melody
with words to you
just, like a candle
with flame so blue
there in each moment
of love she shines
until we meet again girl
and taste the wine

soft are her kisses
smooth is her face
no lines i find there
none do i trace
bathed in sweet beauty
a one true love
way past the twelfth of never
and clouds above

Baby if you could but see
how much i love you
pulling me apart inside
on times to view
love with its aching
no relief but you
tis the twelfth of never
when i will kiss you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (8)

I feel the essence of this poem,the beauty and heartfelt love....
I love the line that says....until we meet again girl,and taste the wine...great sentiment...

Good to see you back young man.....Happy New
niah9online today!
Lovely sensitive write Serpico.....I always loved that song...Niahteddybear yay
hi folks and many thanks for the kind comments..and andrew thank you too, nice to be back...happy new year to you and all others here...serpico 12
Forever love.. beautiful serpico.

So nice to have you back!

You've been missed rose
thank you beautifulu...for the comments and the welcome back..that was kind to say thank you..
I never cease to be amazed at your poetry, Serpico. So much captured here.
" ...pulling me apart inside, on times to view, love with its aching, no relief but you" - wow, the aspects of love contained in just these lines...
Entire poem is beautiful! Great writing teddybear
wow what a tender and warm comment see my poems carry such momentum and that you are so moved by them, is amazing, makes a writer see how his work can touch people..thank you much...beautiful comments..
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