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the flowered feet

Beyond the window she saw
a field of green lie silently
the blades of grass cool view
within a purple yellow sea

Through the field barefoot she trod
as tall grass brushed her ankles there
that purple yellow quilted scene
that was the glimpse of meadow green

The dawn had only just begun
and not long too the rising sun
as one by one the flowers yawned
and opened to another dawn

Her feet covered by fragrance there
the purple and yellow coat
flowers so colored fair
still and bright were everywhere

The fragrant flowers open her heart
the petals are her moving start
inviting love to blossom there
the woman with the long dark hair

Serene and still a fragrant air
she lay upon that yellow bed
and purple haze amidst the green
and beauty thus revealed a queen
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (4)

how cool serpico - this is a lovely verse from you!
bouquet bouquet bouquet
thank you ladybee for those kind comments on the poem written, much appreciated..wave
niah9online today!
Serene...sums it up for me serpico...great write...Niahcool wow
thank you niah for your thoughts on this poem..apprecaite your additions..
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