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the cottage

In the garden of the soul
loves waters meet the sea
and there a cottage lies
close to the old oak tree

Inside the empty rocking chair
of a cottage holding one
where love once a stranger
no longer is under the sun

Providence's hand reached out
across the lonely sea
and brought a woman eastward
to that silent old oak tree

The garden now was different
with birds and flowers bright
and shadows of the moon
and stars bestowing light

As adam was with eve back then
the way of man begins
two people meet forever
until that twelfth of never

There and then loves symphony
began to touch the sky
and love was born under the sun
its daily road to run

So it is when love will come
to all of us on earth
the happy heart will smile
as lovers talk awhile

And while the world spins on
with conflict war and strife
there with that garden place
he only sees her face

For in this place of rush and tare
to find a love to be content
to kiss a dream and touch the moon
and fly up high in your balloon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (8)

WOW again! What beautiful writing and a beautiful love. So much captured here... will have to read again. Lovely, wonderful writing Serpico rose rose rose
well thank you so very much scatlyn..glad my poems give such a effect, its great to know that, thank you so very much for sharing that, it helps so much when writers get such feedback..thank you so much.
What a beautfiful poem! A joy to read.. thanks so much for sharing!teddybear
niah9online today!
Lovely to read your gentle poems again glad you are was greatly missed.
Loved the poem...Niahteddybear cool
a wondrous journey...thank you for sharing a beautiful poem :)
thank you very much ladies for your nice comments and encouraging words, if the poem can get such responses it achieves its purpose, so thank you everyone...quietstorm, niah, and of wishes for your poems as you write them
What a story it did tellheart wings
I enjoyed the read.teddybear
thank you happygolucky..appreciate your views..glad you liked the poem..
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