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comfort and time

Sometimes life can be
the hardest thing to face
when the pain is real
rolls down your face
and you look out there
for someone to care
maybe you find them
or maybe they aint there

Sometimes we have to
go it alone
make us stronger
its so needful to be
its a built in safe guard
should no one be there
we can stand again
by gentle sea

Friends will come
strangers too
love will surface
again for you
hope and faith
comfort and time
raindrops give way
to gentle sunshine

But we dont forget
the storm
no we dont forget
that rainy season
memories will linger
deep for a while
but slowly one day
you will smile
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Comments (2)

a lovely penning, serpico. storms pass, gentle seas return...always a reason to slowly smile again.
thanks gashly..always appreciate your comments..thank you.
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