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O' How I Miss You

Open my eyes, an hour has gone by.

Sun goes down. Call your name.

See my breath, an hour goes by.

It's cold outside.

Touch your face, shed a tear.

It's only been a year.

Close my eyes, hear your voice.

I call your name.

The moon rises above, an hour goes by.

Open my eye's, give you a kiss.

Walk away.

Leaving you behind the gate.

As the moon's light shines on where you lay.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
The grieving loss of loved one's we all have.

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Comments (9)

we do grieved on our loss,but cheer up bro..theres always a better tomorrow and all the best for you,,well written and very touching,,thanks for the share,i like itcheers
Thank you jeddah. For your sweet remarks. I'll give that cheering up a try on my next release. I hope you enjoy it. cheering
Ah so well written.. and what can I say,.. I truly feel your pain,.. and the last two lines.. oh my gosh.. tears... beautifully written.hug teddybear bouquet sad flower
Thank you quietstorm for those heart felt comments.
I totally feel this poem....well written and delivered!!!!Thanks for shaing I can really relate!!!crying handshake hug heart wings
hello cherry,

it is a pleasure to have shared this and even more satisfying to have poetress as yourself stop in and be touched by one of my pieces. teddybear bouquet thank you..

This is great writing Mike,i'm really loving this onehead banger wine M.M
trurorobonline today!
Missed this one Kickit, good poetry.
Lovely heartfelt poem,so much feeling,brought tears to my eyes kickit.May there be a bright tomorrow with love and peace.teddybear peace
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