Dating Pitfalls: Spotting a Gold Digger

Dating Pitfalls Spotting a Gold Digger

Some people date for love. Some people date for the love of the game and the thrill of the hunt. Some people are out there, ruining it for everyone, by dating for money. There's nothing wrong with being interested in your lover's financial security, but some people cross the line.

Some people are "Gold Diggers," people who would do anything to become filthy rich. If you're someone with a lot of money and no date, here are a few things you should think about the next time someone sidles up to you at a bar.

What is a gold digger and what is he or she after?

Gold diggers people who are after your money and plan on seducing you until they have it. They are barely concerned with who you are, only with your net income. However, there is nothing wrong with someone being concerned with your income, especially if the two of you are planning a long-term relationship. The difference between a gold digger and someone who genuinely likes or loves you is that if you become financially unstable, the gold digger would leave without hesitation.

Dates who love you will appreciate your financial security. Gold diggers are only interested in your financial security.

How do I find out if she's a gold digger?

Determining whether or not she's a gold digger can be a little tricky.

Pay to Play

Like a monthly subscription to an MMO, many gold diggers require you to put up the money one way or another before getting to enjoy them. Unlike MMOs, gold diggers are dishonest about it. Before you get to see their goods, you have to hand over some of yours. This is the type of guy or girl who pouts terribly if you don't get them a car or diamonds, then suddenly has a headache that prevents any sort of intimacy. Cheap gifts simply won't do for gold diggers. Poems mean nothing to them, unless they're printed in gold on ancient Chinese silk.

Asks for Money

This can be a little tricky, to say the least. Long-term partners may ask each other for a little financial help in times of economic distress and generally, that's fine. Short-term partners asking for a handout should raise some red flags. It is hilariously inappropriate to ask for money in a relationship, but gold diggers need to find out early whether or not the mark is vulnerable to their charms. It starts with the little things, like money for a pedicure or bracelet, but it will eventually grow into absurd requests, such as help paying for the entirety of a car insurance payment.

A Conga Line of Rich People

Having a history of rich exes is not a sin, but can be cause for concern if your latest date has one. Some people have a type and that's okay, because some people just want to be sure that they're financially stable. However, if they're rolling with jewelry and clothing entirely bought by a series of different people, alarm bells should ring. Those things were probably bought by other people the gold digger conned. Stay out of that list.

Counting Other People's Money

Everyone wants nice things, but being obsessed over them is both a sign of a character flaw and a potential indicator that he or she is a gold digger. If she's talking a lot about the boat her friend just received or the massive diamond ring on her sister's finger, think about her a little. Think about just how much she talks about stuff that other people get and if she looks like she's passively asking you for those same things.

"I want more and I want it now."

Thoughtful gifts are incredible and often make loving partners happier than an expensive but pointless and thoughtless gift. Gold diggers are never happy with what you get them unless its price matches the GDP of a small third-world country. Gold diggers will always ask for more, making gifts a matter of need rather than desire. Giving a gold digger gifts will seem like a chore, rather than something you actually want to do.

Gold diggers are a dangerous and often heartless bunch, but they are still people. They make mistakes and that's when you can figure them out. No matter how attached you are to her, no matter how good she is in bed, drop her if she's a gold digger. It will can only end badly.

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