Discover the real reason why he broke up with you

Discover the real reason why he broke up with you

When your boyfriend ends your relationship, you're left feeling angry, upset and confused. Whether you've had an inkling that the bad news is coming, or the break-up was completely out of the blue, you'll probably be asking yourself, 'Why?' It's a hard pill to swallow, but your behavior during the relationship will have played a part in his decision to end it. Here are some behaviors that may have pushed him away.

You were pushing things too quickly

If you saw marriage and kids ahead of you and your boyfriend didn't, the incompatibility of your visions of the future will have caused problems. Comments about the marriages and family lives of your friends and how much you want to get married sound like a deafening siren to the boyfriend who isn't ready to settle down soon. If he felt like he was being pressured to propose, he backed out of the relationship to save further heartache further down the line.

You were too negative

Think back to when you first met. You were full of life and fun to be around. As relationships develop, it can be difficult to maintain a bright and bubbly persona. Your reaction to work and family-related stress will have inevitably seeped through and your boyfriend will have seen your more sombre side. If you allowed the trials and tribulations of life affect your outlook the majority of the time, your boyfriend will have become bogged down with your negativity.

You didn't make an effort with his family and friends

It pays to be charming and amenable when it comes to your boyfriend's friends and family. Even if they are insufferable, it's important to keep your comments to yourself. If you were overly critical of the people close to your former boyfriend and didn't make an effort to get along, he will have had a difficult decision to make: Who is more important? Family and friends won on this occasion.

You were too available

Playing hard to get is fun in the beginning, but as you settle down, the mind games subside and you find comfort and security in your relationship. However, if your own social life waned in an effort to please him and be there for him, this could have played a part in his decision to dump you. Having your own life and not dropping things on a partner's every whim gives you more to talk about and lets him know that your world doesn't revolve around him.

You didn't put enough effort into the relationship

On the flip side, if you didn't put enough effort into the relationship, this could have also influenced his decision. If you were too busy meeting up with girlfriends or spending time at work or the gym, he may have felt that you were not interested and saw no future together. Cancelled dates and unanswered calls don't say, 'I want to be with you.'

You were too controlling

If you hassled him about meeting up with the guys, or used emotional blackmail to get your own way, he probably became tired of your controlling behavior. If he had to think, 'How will she react?' every time he spent time away from you, he will have become irritated to the point of thinking that life's more fun without you.

You didn't pay

You don't have to be a blatant gold-digger to put a man off. Nevertheless, if he paid for everything and you didn't even offer to pay for a single meal or date, he might have assumed that you're with him for the lifestyle and not for love. It doesn't matter if he was on a six-figure salary and you were a waitress, paying for dinner, even if it was take-out, will have showed that you were willing to treat him with your own money. Men don't want to view themselves as cash-cows for women to exploit.

Facing up to your own mistakes in a relationship is tough, especially when you're the one who has been dumped. Convincing yourself that your behavior was impeccable during the course of the relationship is a dangerous trap to fall into. Analyzing your own faults is hard, but it will give you the best start when finally do meet Mr. Right.

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