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3 Brain Exercises to Help You Improve Memory

3 Brain Exercises to Help You Improve Memory

Our memory is an important part of our lives. Our knowledge of ourselves is largely dependent on our memories of all our experiences, good or bad. However, there are times when our memory slips such as when we forget the reason why we entered a room or phoned a friend. Now, this is something you don't want to happen, for your memory to continue failing you. What you can do is do a few brain exercises to keep your memory sharp.

Regardless of your age or the difficulty you may have in remembering things, you can still take steps to improve your capability to recall information. Cognitive ability begins to decline by age 30 so you should not wait for your memory to fail before doing brain exercises. Start your mental calisthenics early to retain acuity even as you grow older. You can only benefit from brain exercises if you find them enjoyable yet challenging enough. If they're fun, you'll welcome each opportunity to do them and not avoid them at all. As you work on more brain exercises, you will a marked improvement in your memory.

Brain Exercise #1: Memory Matching Game

There are good memory games that you can play. An example is pairing two like items. You can use a deck of playing cards for this game. Lay the cards facing down, in an array, in front of you. Turn over two cards; if they match, move them away from the rest of the cards. If the pair you picked doesn't match, turn the cards to face down again and choose another card to open. The idea is to remember the cards as you return them to the group so you can correctly choose the matching pairs the next time around.

(There are some fun memory games on this site that may help improve memory function. Click on links below.)

Brain Exercise #2: Sharpen Your Memory Through Association

Another technique you can use for improving memory is association, or forming a connection between a new object and something familiar. This is a common trick used by many in remembering the names of people they meet. Try to associate the person's name with a familiar object that can remind you of your new friend's name the next time you see her again. This is particularly useful when meet new people often.

Brain Exercise #3: Remember the Lyrics

You can also use music as a form of brain exercise to help improve your memory. It's easy to sing along with the songs you like. For your brain exercise, try to write the lyrics without listening to the song and see which parts you remember well. It could be the chorus; what about the verses? Now, mentally play the song and recall all the lines, as many as you can while writing them down as you go. This is one way to have fun while giving your brain a good workout.

Challenge your mind by working on these exercises and having fun in the process. Devote a minimum of 15 minutes a day exercising your brain; you will surprise yourself with how keen your memory can be even at old age. No matter how short a lapse in memory may be, it can make you frustrated. So do yourself a favor and strive to sharpen your memory so it will be there when you need it most.

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