4 Reasons You're Still Single

4 Reasons Youre Still Single

Have you ever wondered why you're still single? You date a lot and think you're a pretty great woman, but for some reason it's not happening for you. Maybe you just haven't met Mr. Right, but there are other possibilities. This article outlines four possible reasons you might still be single.

1. Your expectations are too high

While it's perfectly fine to know what you're looking for in a boyfriend and have standards for yourself, you do want to make sure you're not creating a list of attributes that no one can live up to. You might only be willing to date someone who has a job and little or no debt. That is acceptable. On the other hand, if you decide you will only date millionaires, you are narrowing your pool of eligible men greatly. If you want to only date men who are university graduates, that is also acceptable. You might take it too far when you say he must have graduated from an Ivy League University. Check that your expectations aren't so high that you can never find a suitable man to date.

2. You make future plans on the second date

You've met a great guy that you really like and he's asked you out for another date. Things are looking great until you mention your cousin's wedding that's taking place in six months. Now he won't even commit to a third date and you're wondering what happened. What happened was you were pushing him to make future plans with you. Even if that wasn't your intention, just the mention of an event that requires a date so far in advance is enough to scare off any man. Avoid bringing up things that are happening in the future to avoid scaring off a man you like.

3. You are too aggressive

Playing hard to get isn't a bad thing. You don't need to ignore a man completely and make him spend all his time chasing you, but men do enjoy a little chase. Instead of calling him and texting him numerous times a day, let him to the calling. Don't reply to his texts right away though. Wait a while and you'll have him intrigued about your life. If you are too aggressive, for example asking him out on all the dates or deciding where you'll go, he might be put off by this.

4. You like the attention of all men

If you are needy for men's attention, even when you have a boyfriend, this can cause major problems in a relationship. A man doesn't want his girlfriend trying to attract the attention of other men. A boyfriend doesn't want to see you flirt with other men or spend your time in communication with them and attempting to make them fall for you.

If you exhibit any of the above behaviours, you might understand now why you're still single. Hopefully with the help of this article you can begin to change your behaviours so that instead of scaring men away, you attract the man of your dreams.

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Good real time tips. I can personally attest to the 4 reasons above.
Unrealistic expectations IS a major Divorce driver as well as a person unable to connect with a potential candidate. I hope everyone reads this article.......Silvio.
One reason a person may still be single for years on end...or forever, is because they are an a**hole. Having an attitude towards others and being rude to people is a surefire way to scare people away. Check your own behavior! Want to remain single? Be a jerk. Simple.

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