Is He Mr. Right? Take This Relationship Test and Find Out

Is He Mr Right Take This Relationship Test and Find Out

It's easy to settle on the guy you're with because you don't' have the heart to break up with him. The odds there is someone better for you out there may scare you.

Then again, the guy you're with may be Mr. Wonderful but you just want to make sure you're with the right person.

If you're pondering taking your relationship to the next level, this article highlights a few traits to consider. There are a few things about a guy that might make you think twice before moving forward. If he passes the checklist, then you may rest assured you're someone pretty wonderful.

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- Do you think you're ready to take your relationship to the next level but want to be sure that you're doing the right thing?

- Are you questioning why the relationship you're in doesn't feel quite right or isn't moving forward?

It could be you've seen signs that something inside you refuses to ignore. Call it a gut feeling or cold feet if you like, but there may be some solid reasons to think twice about getting in deeper with the person you're dating.

You might want to think twice if any of the following apply:

  • If you're the one doing all the pursuing, you might want to think twice. If he doesn't ask you out, initiate anything, make plans, but will go out if you ask him, you may be nothing more to him than his social convenor.
  • If he's chronically irresponsible, you might want to think twice. If he is abusive, a substance abuser, doesn't follow through on commitments, breaks the law, racks up credit card debt, or frequently tells you "he'll change", watch him change from a distance. If he doesn't initiate solid steps towards change, he'll probably never change. It has to come from him not you pushing him. Protect yourself and move on.
  • If you find yourself dreaming of dating other men, especially the closer you get to moving in together or a wedding date, you might want to think twice. You probably have a little more free-range time you should use up and get out of your system before settling down. If you're settling because it seems there are no better options, because you feel you owe it to him, or because you feel pressured to marry, you might want to think twice.
  • If the majority of your relationship has been online, you may want to think twice. Anyone can portray himself a certain way through writing. Smooth words are convincing, and sometimes even copied—from books and other people's love letters or even greeting cards. There is no way to really know a person unless you've gone through a few significant life events together, in person. If you haven't, think twice.
  • If you suspect he lies to you, if he blows you off when you ask him significant questions, if you feel you don't trust him, you may want to think twice. Unless you're being overly paranoid or a nag, if the reason he covers up the truth is that he's a game player, get out of the game. If you stay in, you'll likely get hurt or be taken advantage of.
  • If there are so many things about him you want to change, or if you think marriage or living together will change him, you may want to think twice. You can't change anyone and you'll frustrate yourself if you think you can. If you can't accept him as he is, move on.

How did you do with the list? Does he pass the test?

In the initial throws of infatuation, it's easy to ignore signs of a doomed relationship. By all means, date men, but before taking your relationship to the next level, take this list and have an honest conversation with yourself.

If he passes the test you'll be reassured. If he doesn't, do the right thing before you or he regrets it.

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