Are You Dating a Sociopath? 5 Signs to Look For

Are You Dating a Sociopath 5 Signs to Look For

It's not unusual. You go out on a date and just get a funny feeling. Maybe you're in a relationship with someone who seems to be turning from a charming catch to someone with a frightening temper and controlling tendencies. While not everyone that gives you the creeps is a sociopath, even those who abuse others, some are and they are very dangerous individuals. Sociopaths tend to have some noticeable traits if you know what to look for, and spotting these traits early on can help you save yourself or a loved one from a nightmare. While no single trait below is in and of itself indicative of sociopathic tendencies, if more than one of them start to show up, you might want to start looking for stage left.


Sociopaths are the best con men (or women) on the face of the planet. They are almost shape shifters in the way that they can transform from one role or personality to another in order to get what they want out of people. More than the abuse and apologize cycle that occurs so often in abusive relationships, this person will even start to convince their victims that they caused the abuse to happen. They can talk their way in and out of any situation and see others only as pawns in their world to use in order to obtain whatever outcome they desire.


Sociopaths are very charming and are usually attractive, as well. They can come across as the guy or girl next door and win over anyone they need to. Doctors, lawyers, and other highly intelligent individuals have been the victims of sociopaths and sociopathic individuals have even been able to talk their way into jobs in these fields either with fake credentials or with none at all.

Inappropriate Emotions

Sociopathic individuals have very inappropriate emotions and reactions. For instance, in the face of a very traumatic situation or an emergency where most people would be upset or frantic the sociopath is eerily calm. When met with good news, sociopaths tend to respond with flat affect. They may also get very upset or angry over very minor instances. For example, they may get extremely angry over slow traffic simply because it interferes with their plans but if they hear that someone has passed away, they won't care or show any emotion.

High Intellect

Usually, sociopaths are extremely intelligent. They often have high IQs, have wonderful analytical reasoning skills, can come up with solutions to almost any situation quickly, and exhibit other signs of high intellect. This is part of the reason they are able to easily manipulate their victims and can come across as charming.

Behavioral Deviance

Sociopaths have very deviant behavior, especially when it comes to sexual behavior. In relationships, they will often request that their partners engage in sexual activity that is deviant, humiliating, or strange. Sexual abuse is common in relationships with sociopaths, as control is everything to the sociopathic personality. Defying authority is a common personality characteristic of the sociopath as well.

These are just a few of the traits you should look for if you think that someone you know might be a sociopath or be the victim of one. Other traits include having grandiose ideas such as making plans to rule the world, the need to control others, seeking out positions of authority, and the like. By looking for a combination of these traits the next time you feel suspicious about someone, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble in relationships.

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I agree with most or all of this.
And it's just my opinion but i feel the #1 most important thing is your instincts. That uncomfortable feeling you have about somebody, even if you cannot nail it down, define, or explain it, IS CRUCIAL.
DONT let other people, anyone, even your own parents or most trusted teacher, tell you not to trust your own instincts. Or that you aren't "open-minded" enough, and you you "shouldnt judge people by first impression" or by their looks.
You can judge people ANY WAY YOU gosh darn well please! And whether or not you've ever been told this, judging people, often without telling others, is the way that people stay happy and safe.
You do NOT ever have to confront the people you judge, which should be everybody. Just KNOW. Or if you're not highly skilled, pull back from this person, and watch. And dont leave yourself vulnerable. And if you feel pressured, especially to put yourself at any sort situation where you personally feel is dangerous, then just get oout of it.
FORGET about hurting their feelings. Because when they get you where they want you, the last thing they're gonna worry about is hurting yours!
excellent explanation!I think on this side is planty of them . you

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