What makes a RELATIONship last long?

Starting a relationship is always fun and exciting, but making a relationship last is hard work. Once you’ve gotten settled in your relationship, you have to maintain an honest flow of communication and to continue to cherish your time with your loved one. Making a relationship last isn’t always fun, but the benefits of maintaining a long-term and committed relationship far outweigh the difficulties that you may face......handshake

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another one holy god
wave Jim

Its ok thanks for dropping byhandshake
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so be it!cheers
A whole lot of trust,communication and lots of hard work of 100% from both parties.
ah you don't mind me relationships are important a good woman makes the man and you have to take care of the woman is a 2 way thing
...somtimes kids make it last longer than it would have done without them... not healty.
...but I don`t think that would be a problem for the CS ordience...
a good relation last long, a bad last short... I guess most of the crowd has experienced both?
BW miss uhug

Exactlythumbs up cheers
Jimthumbs up

Precisely u have to take care each other with respect that would be 1 ingredientcheers
ysabel you missed me I didn't go anywhere.wave

You might be right nor wrongdunno
but not ALL have that experiencecheers

Yesthumbs up kids would be a special parthandshake
BW laugh I know
I seldom see u on ....cheers
ysabel I'm seldom on cause there aren't that many good or interesting blog topics usually this time of day.
One day followed by another day followed by another day still enjoying being together and suddenly realizing days have turned into years

I'm not good at planning ahead. I like thinking of options and possibilities and what-ifs but ...
wave biff

As days go by u haven't notice its been yearsthumbs up
what if ..but
confused u made me think another...just handshake

I second the motion.cheers
I guess if love and like are still there then it makes all the hardships worth fighting for....as you say aslong as communication is always open then every problem is halved and therefore easier to get through.
Love and more love Jenny. Okay including but not limited to mindfulness, tolerance and a lot of wrinkled face digesting all the challenges that come with it.teddybear
Great sex! giggle

And the rest of the things all the others have mentioned above ( and below me, if there’s any grin )
Lots of communication, and etc
thumbs up

Communicate about anything and everything. Have deep and meaningful conversations once in a while. Discuss what's going on in your lives right now — social life, school life, or family life — and learn about each other's pasts and childhoods makes it work cheering
gayyemthumbs up
Once love is established in a relationship, actively expressing love to each other will maintain and increase the loving feelings in both partners.
On the other hand, not expressing love sometimes hurts the bond you share with your partner.
If you are aiming for a long-lasting, successful relationship, you need to commit to your partner's emotional well-being, even when it isn't easy. This means sharing affection with your partner, through good times and bad, when it's most needed and when it's least expected.....hug
Mi2thumbs up

Of course SEX wont be forgotten without it
we cannot make a perfect dish.I expressing love thru sex....that will work just fineapplause
Share even basic things. It's okay to broadcast some inner thoughts you're having, as long as you don't do it constantly. This can help your partner feel closer to you, more connected at the hipcheers
NO CHEATING on the top of the list
civilized communication not arguments
honesty, trust,
support each other through the good and the bad, thick and thin
financial security
nourishing love , roses, gifts, trips
married women with children working full time = dysfunctional family
ladies who care to look beautiful only when go to work makes love fade away
men who leave their spouses at night to spend time with friends at night will kill love
men who are selfish , do not satisfy their wives will lead to resentment and good bye Norma genes for love
wives please tell your husbands about your likes and dislikes about sex
all the above must be met to have a relationship last longer
Well said Hopethumbs up cheers
I agree with Hope but must add another crucial ingredient is to Compromise. Being able to compromise is very important.
Ice-cream sharing!! smitten
wave Faythumbs up
Both should agree and understand each other would make a good recipeapplause hug
Oh yes Mi2 dear an Ice cream sharing especially when your holding with a cone and both of u will just feel the taste of it.
cheers Poor ice creamcheers teddybear
that is true
Respecting one another....
Making plans.
wave Blue
Thats the number 1 ingredient for me
thumbs up Having respect with one another then it follows to a good and better relationshiphug handshake
Ysabel hello.
You made me think of how my marriage last.
Thought of, ....Distance could help..blushing
I got married to the only man I had in my life . ...a sailor who went sailing for 9 months and with me for 3 months. Our marriage went that way for 15 years. Of course when he went home from work, it was a real...missed each other...to sum up the time we were together maybe it was like Less than 4 years. But those were always sweet moments, we never waste any moments for dramas and the like.
It was because of DISTANCE..Meaning, we need to be far from each other for quite sometimes...always together makes boring...lol
head banger cheering conversing
a relationship does not have tp to good or not good for it to last long. Length of a relationship is not as important as how the relationship is. Sometimes loving a person the best you can is all you can do. I used to think a person cheating was the worst thing they could do, i no longer think that.
hey ayoneqwave
There is this saying "Distance won't keep us apart" I just wonder how this applied.Being an overseas worker for more than 20 years now I have witnessed friends sobbing because their partners has cheated on them.The answer is between the couple if you at least compromised to see how you can make your relationship not to fall....I rmember years back before I worked overseas we had seminar the professor said to the crowd"if u get to where u are...try your best to get your partner with you"cheers handshake
wave merlin
Having a good one shows both couple are happy which u both respect and share the love u have for each other.cheers handshake
wave jenlei Thank you for dropping byhandshake
LDRs can work in 2 ways

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Out of sight, out of mind

If the couple haven't spend a lot of time physically together, there is more chance of the latter being the outcome.

Relationships were never meant to be long distance or virtual.

Real relationships need the people to be with each other in real life. To have regular arguments, regular boring nights in, regular meals together, regular life.
Nothing is regular or normal about LDRs
Hey Mollywave

So true and now I realized couples suffer for this LDRthumbs up hug
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