Blessed Day

Waking up so early is just a normal thing for me.Today I got an appointment to USEmbassy.After an 2-3 hours of waiting
my tummy started to complain.I went for a walk and got myself @ Don Henricos.
Waiter: Welcome anything u want to order ma'am?
Me; please any pasta that is your specealty.
Waiter:Tutto De Mare Pasta
confused sounds yum I thought
ok pls get me 1 order.
5 minutes after
Waiter: Enjoy your meal ma'am

As I was to taste my food I saw a liytle girl peeping by the window looking @
me ....looks hungry for few days clothes were dirty and rotten.sigh
I asked the waiter to wrap my food.I went outside and gave my food.I just found myself eating chipswine poor tummyhug teddybear

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I'm touched gayyem. I'm aware that there's three quarters of the world's population that's starving. It's injustice and yet who's to blame is something I wouldn't ever be able to figure it out

Good morning gayyem. cheers
How excellent of you Jhen,
A fine example of humanity to all. I'm inspired by your little blog. cool
gayyemmmmmhug teddybear
Good morning to youhug
I just feel so bad if I see this things really....If only I have magic wand to point
to them to have a better lifesigh

How's business doing?
Non you are the best I can tellhug
Thank youhandshake
That was a very nice thing to do … doing good makes one feel good. thumbs up

Poor little girl … blues
Yes she was my heart was melting when I saw her sigh I even sat beside her seeing her finish her food.If only allowed to let her in then I would invite her to dine with me.hug
Bless your heart … hug

Thank you bless you too Redhug
Very thoughtful of you giving the little girl your are a treasure...
I've seen the worst starving people gayyem and also seen the most capricious ones. It's a very cruel world. I'm so tempted to follow Audrey Hepburn's mission but not quite ready yet.

The thought of them that live a cardboard house and no food is just horrifying.

Yes the rich can do so much, but the number keeps rising.
No child should be starving in the Western world..USA?..sAY NO MORE.

Thank you for being so kind hug teddybear
So true the rich becoming richer and poor gets poorersigh
If onlyconversing

Anyone with good intention would do the samehug Thank u

Thank you.
If only every country would think that as priority to alleviate sufferinghug
The United Nations have a record of about 7 billion as the current earth's population. The truth of the matter is, this number isn't sustainable to be on the non starving margin. Now having 3 quarters of these population are living under poverty, It is quite impossible to obliged the few rich to carry the burden of alleviating this problem. Maybe there has to be a long term plan on how to limit this excessive population growth. How? I don't know. I do know that Mao Deng Xiaoping of China introduced the ONE CHILD PER FAMILY in 1979 and it dramatically curbed their population overgrowth.

To solve this issue, the world must come to an agreement as to how many children can be born to a family considering its ability to provide basic support that is far and over the poverty level.
hey gayyem...One child Policy
in China was effevtive in a way....

Besides, financial pressure is also important. Since one child policy has been operated in China for decades, the child would get a lot of attention when growing up. Thus, adults would leave no effort to raise the child up and give him the best. cheers teddybear
Very thoughtful of you although I never expected Bahrain to have kids peeping in the restaurant windowsconfused bouquet
Twas a very nice thing for you to do. thumbs up

Hey Lukewave
Pardon me but haven't updated my present place.I am here in my country of birth already since June of this year from Bahrain.handshake
JN wave
"Heal The World Make a Better Place"
how? It will start with us because
we are the worldhandshake

Thanks for the video luvitcheers
bouquet bouquet bouquet

ysabel Nice thing you did.

When my two adult sons were little I cooked a whole Holiday dinner for my son's grade school classmates.
Mi2 dear
hug teddybear cheers Thank you
that means so muchwine
BW hug
Thank you anyone could do that to helpteddybear

Isn't it's nice giving something without expecting something in returnwave
BW hug
Thank you anyone could do that to helpteddybear

Isn't it's nice giving something without expecting something in return

ysabel I was a school volunteer and enjoyed doing what I did and so did the children.I sponsored a clothing closest in helping school children in making sure that they had proper clothing
BW hug
Wow that is something great cheers
I salute volunteers of any kind to help
for a prosperous lifehandshake thumbs up
Thanks for the boquet Mi2 dearesthug teddybear
Well done, Jhen handshake
dd wave
Thank youhug Everyday is a blessed one
if only we just look around us and appreciate the beauty and blessings .teddybear
lookingforomance: "let's see"(meet us in the quizzes)

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