Odd couple

I met these people, and for all I know they met on CS although that would be a fantastic coincidence and, if they read this blog, a little embarrassing. So I shall say nice things. They ARE nice.

He is, I don't know, middle-aged, very fit and bronzed, good-looking, with a drop-dead-gorgeous French accent for the perhaps 2 dozen English words he knows. Which is about as many French words as I know. He does also speak a little Spanish. About as much as I do. That's really not a lot of Spanish.

She is a little younger, mid to late forties? extremely attractive, Spanish, lives a few hours up the coast from here. She speaks no French and no English.

They are staying a week. Would you go away on holiday with someone you basically couldn't understand or speak to except in the most general of terms? For a week?

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Has to be said right now I could elope with anyone up to and including a Russian serial killer - but not for a week. I think we'd run out of things to do and say within about 48 hours but that may be because I am very shallow.

If we didn't speak the same language, I mean. I never ever run out of things to talk about. You might have noticed. sigh

I do listen too. No, really.
He wants her ying yang & she wants he's $$$$$$$$$$$$$
I wouldn't.
I like to be able to communicate.
Hell, communication is difficult enough sometimes in the same language, not to mind anything else.
Well, EB,
Action speaks louder than words...lolhandshake applause
Merc, they're not staying anywhere expensive or lavish there are no $$$$$$ being thrown around! laugh

Talking really matters to me, but perhaps there's something to be said for not being able to. Wow. I might be able to keep my foot out my mouth foot in mouth

They look good together. And how many couples talk, really?
Maybe it's the kind of thing you only realise you shouldn't have done after you've done it.
Molly, I agree! I like restful silences too but no talking - or very very basic politenesses (it is hot. Yes it is. I am hungry. So am I) would wear thin pretty quickly. And they are talkers, we were chattering away in Franglish and she was talking to me in Spanish and twice he looked to me to translate, what a joke. ME! laugh
Ayo, but for a week? laugh uh oh
One of them are in it for something and that something isn't a future unless of course they attend sign language classes.
Harb, that's why I said they weren't kids, you'd think before now people from the two countries known for refusing to speak other languages would have realized this could present a problem laugh
It's frustrating even when you can speak their language a bit.
You just can't say exactly what you want to. It's exasperating.
Merc I think they are in it for each other and best of luck to them (I need that little green emoji I keep requesting) and I obviously don't know if this is their first holiday together, but a week is a long time. She's in her own country, she'll be able to chat to people anywhere, but he's going to have to shut up a lot. Or learn Spanish really quickly. Maybe that's part of the attraction, though dunno
Molly, to go back to your first comment, difficult enough to communicate sometimes when you do speak the same language. foot in mouth

Made me very restless. Maybe I'm being silly looking for someone I can 'talk' to and 'listen' to. Is it such a big deal?
I think those are pretty acceptable expectations, Biff
I would of just asked them straight out.
Mmmm but - haven't you met couples who seem poles apart? She talks babies and clothes and soap operas (don't shoot me for generalizing wildly, trying to make a point) and he talks football and racing and cars and they don't actually really speak to each other at all. I've never wanted one of those relationships either but hey, if you don't understand what he's talking about he could sound exotic and thrilling rather than dull laugh
Merc, if I had better French or Spanish I would have rolling on the floor laughing
When my parents married in 1957, they didn't speak the same language. My dad had to give my mum a surreptitious nudge with his elbow to let her know when to say, "I do."

Over 61 years later, they're still an odd couple. giggle
Biff , couples come in every shape and form.
Some do seem to survive having little in common.
But what is the point in just surviving.
I want to have fun, not just survive.
Jac that is so cool! What was your mom's home language, and do you speak it?

My in-laws met in Germany just after the war but she did speak some English. When he took her back to England she watched every episode of Coronation Street slavishly to learn more, her German-Corrie accent was a treat,.
I suppose what seems foreign to me is completely normal for others laugh
Molly, I can only say he is really hot. And that accent, mon Dieu! How's your French?
Hmm, top timing, I have a mail from a German dude who is blown away by my beautiful smile. blushing He's really tall. I mean REALLY tall. 7' tall. And in one pic with a bunch of others he looks perfectly normal height so he knows a lot of really tall people too.

So exciting. daydream
Not sharing a common language might be a compromise too far. Although, if it's only a week, vacationing somewhere particularly inspiring, with the shagometer hovering around consistent 7+'s, I may be persuaded to make a concession.
Dang, a shagathon is the only possible answer to it.

Not a full week though. I'd like to be able to walk afterwards.
My mum spoke German, my dad English. I'm not sure my dad would have ever got married if he'd actually had to speak to a girl, he's so shy.

The local girls were all devastated when he married my mum, so I'm told. They look like film stars in their wedding photo.

They met when my dad did his National Service in the Royal Signals over in Germany. He kept going into the shop where my mum worked to buy birthday cards saying, "Fur meine Schwester." (for my sister). My mum is the youngest of nine, but even she was amazed at how many sisters he had (he has three).

Anyway, she learned English (possibly to his regret) and he does crossword puzzles in languages he doesn't speak. I don't think they even got as far as their first wedding anniversary before he was whooping her butt at German Scrabble (much to her annoyance).

At the end of the war, my mum was so malnourished she was emaciated with a swollen belly, like you see children during famine in Africa. It was only 12 years later she married my dad. She told me he would always divide meat exactly in half and never take 'the man's share' as was usual back in the 50's. She knew then she was landed gentry. grin
Hmmm...being a Frenchman he must be using his hands a lot? (Pun intended).
I don't like French accents whether in English or their lingo
Then you wouldn't like me Merc. uh oh
Because an accent isn't liked doesn't mean the person isn't liked.

Daniela my reply was about when French men speak.

Most French woman sound sexy but the men sound blah to me
yeah awesome sex is what this sort of thing is all about,
Im surprised it was not mentioned in the first comment.
I mentioned sex and money
I bet it entered your mind while you were talking or signing to them thumbs up
We were trying to find another reason apart from the obvious laugh
Trust a woman to dirty the blog with money talk laugh
Money meh

I'd prefer a good shag any day laugh
I reckon he want's a piece of her ying yang..She thinks he has money and she want's a free pass to he's country.

I need to know who paid for the holiday?
Sounds like a cheap date.
I bet you're a popular lass Molly wink
I would rather a man with nothing compared to a man with money.

I don't want diamonds shooting out of he's willy either

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