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Newest poll indicates a big shift towards impeachment

Now 58% (up 21% since July) of Americans approve (versus 38% disapprove) of an impeachment inquiry into Trump's behavior.

In addition several key Republicans are now speaking out against Trump's handling of Syria.
This might be a signal, that their previous universal blind tolerance and support of Trump is dissapating.

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Trump is certainly losing support...but the evangelicals love him for his stance on controling women's reproductive rights...up there with Warten Jeffs...stay sweet...roll eyes
if you listen to the video I included, Pat Robertson is against Trump's handling of Syria and warns a "cut off from the manna from heaven". Perhaps he will FINALLY lose support from the religious nuts too.
I honestly think it is a mistake to try and impeach him now, better to wait until there is a Democrat as president and then throw the book at Trump, he would be in no position to stop the proceedings or influence the courts, almost a guarantee to be imprisoned IMO.
If your main goal is to get Trump the longest prison sentence, I agree.
However, the main goal should be to get him out of office as soon as possible before he does more damage to the country.

One wonder how many poll respondents were 'Publicans seizing the opportunity to add yet more copious $millions to their record Campaign War Chests.

'Crats are beating their own selves in '20 like rented meant donkeys, of course grin
They're gonna go down in flames clear down the ticket to governorships, state houses, county & municipal offices. I betcha.

"but the evangelicals love him (The Don) for his stance on controlling women's reproductive rights."

Do you WANT a religious fanatic POTUS?!
Because getting rid of The Don is how you get a religious fanatic POTUS.

And installing said religious fanatic as POTUS now would enable him to run as an incumbent - TWICE.

'Crats trying like hell to beat their own selves like rented donkeys in '20 (AND '24).
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

"...wait until there is a Democrat as president..."

With 'Crat strategerizing, Riz, that could be a long, lonnggg wait playball ... yawn

Even an honest religious fanatic would be better than Trump.
Even a dishonest, but more honest than Trump, religious fanatic, would be better than Trump.
Trump is THE worst US president in history.
Picking another candidate's name out of a hat (Republican, Independent, or Democrat) would likely yield a better president than Trump.
Are these the same polls that had Hillary winning then last election?
Lest those polls be forgotten, oldie...

That man will NEVER be President - Take it to the Bank!!
This election is OH-VER!!
Newsweek Cover - "Madame President"...uh oh..."President Trump"

Seriously - How could so many have gotten it SO WRONG?!

Every poll had that.
They did not count on Russian interference, Hillary not campaigning in the midwest,
and that voters were so stupid, as to actually vote for a dishonest life long scammer
and demagogue with no public service experience whatsoever.
Hopefully some of them are smart enough not to make the same disasterous mistake twice.
What's key to this blog, is not what the absolute numbers are, but how it has shifted over time and the direction it is headed.
How it is now, versus how it was.
And let us not forget the Breaking Bombshells announcing his imminent departure...

We've been hit by more Bombshells than Dresden hole
Not even including those dropped here by our esteemed OP.

Hope Springs Eternal ... heart wings

Absolute numbers , really Jim . Polls are bought , why do you think Cohen tried to buy polling company's . Of course that was another impeachment blog for you along with Daniels and Avenatti , how many blogs about them Jim did you post with impeachment imminent .
Don't worry about that poll suggesting a majority of Americans want President Trump impeached and removed from office.

Just remember - Deplorables don't do polls. We vote.
Well, no one can count on deplorables to do the right thing. Apparently, they love destroying the USA.
But, hopefully the less dumb previous Trump voters are considering much better options
this time around. I'm guessing some will.
"Willy3411•16 hrs ago•Lawton, Oklahoma USA
Don't worry about that poll suggesting a majority of Americans want President Trump impeached and removed from office.

Just remember - Deplorables don't do polls. We vote"

HILLARY HURT WILLYS FEELINGS!!!!! THAT MEAN BULLY!!!!!! waaaaaaaaa!!!!! rolling on the floor laughing

What a bunch of snowflakes!
Don't worry about that poll. Hilarious! Imagine being Ingram or Hannity having to spin your own poll to downplay the results to your audience. So embarrassing for Trump and Fox!.. rolling on the floor laughing

That said, it’s not surprising that Trump is particularly angry about the new poll results.

Speaking of FOX news;

When EVEN... FOX news is coming around to see the light,
that is NOT a good sign for Trump.

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