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'Impeach - The Case against Donald Trump'

Author Neal Ketyal has a new book out, and he makes some truly excellent points in the following interview

Book Review;

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Just out of curiosity, when will the verdict or sentencing of this impeachment case take place, and what will the worst case scenario be?confused
Utter rubbish. You are possessed. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
I hear you.
So many wealthy people (lawyers etc.) getting richer out of all this, couldn't that monies rather be spent helping the needy in your country or worldwide?uh oh

I know you will probably say the 'tyrant' must be removed, but cant your party remove him at the voting stations when the time is right instead of all this wastage?

L - That is not under my control or timing. So, all I can do to answer that, is to guess.
I suspect that this next phase will end sometime before February.
Then, the actual vote to impeach will come the following week.
Then hearings will happen in the Senate. That may take several months, especially
considering how many crimes Trump has committed.
I suspect that the final vote to remove Trump from office (or not) will take place
before the summer recess begins.
However, Trump has a very long history of delaying court decisions.
So, that could also be taken into account. head banger

W - Thanks for the projection about yourself. While the stuff I post often comes from reputable award winning investigative news sources and/or well educated leaders in their field of their study,
you do certainly post a lot of "rubbish" fabricated by Russia, the GOP and/or wild conspiracy websites.
L - I am neither a Republican, nor a Democrat. I am a registered Independent.
Indeed, I see it as very foolish to be loyal to any political party, as political parties often have agendas,
that are not in line with the desires of the public.
Instead, I back the best candidate, regardless of party.
In my lifetime I have voted for Independents, Republicans & Democrats, whoever I deem best.
So, I'm not sure what party you refer to, as independents are just that. They do not have an organized political party. Nonetheless, Trump has been both the worst candidate in many decades and the worst most criminal US president in history.

Regardless, if you actually watch the video, it is explained why it should not wait for the voters in the next presidential election. When high crimes & misdemeanors are committed, the president should be removed
from office. That is what the framers of the US Constitution had in mind, when it was composed. Ketyal explains that and it's history in the video. head banger

While you mention the payments to lawyers as waste, you don't mention the continual damage Trump does to the USA every day he is in office and the many lawsuits and other legal actions necessary to prevent more damage from him while in office. The removal of that criminal and terrible rogue president is imperative.
Jim what are you going to do after the breakup in 5 years? dunno Just curious? dunno
I will be unaffected by whatever break-up you will be going through, whether it is this year, or in the future. comfort
He can make all the phony "excellent points" he wants. President Trump is going to finish his first term and be reelected for a second term. That's the bottom line.

So the whole Democrat strategy to keep throwing shit at President Trump with the hope of damaging him because they cannot compete with the success he has had HAS FAILED.

The Russia hoax, the impeachment hoax, their entire strategy HAS FAILED.

Dribbling (or more accurately in this case driveling) doesn't count. You have to get the ball in the basket and the Democrats HAVE FAILED.

That's all that matters.
D - This isn't game. We have a criminal president, that should be removed from office.
THAT is the bottom line. If corrupt games prevent that from happening, that is a sad statement on our society, and those who attempt to enable such corruption should be held accountable.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

The corrupt criminals accuse the man who is out to put an end to their corruption and crimes a corrupt criminal.

It's like the inmates running the asylum.

It's classic! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing


Likely so, Dongg.
At least some 'Crats & Lefties are becoming more reality-based ...

@ 8:18 Rep. Gabbard discusses "Impeachment" with Uber-Leftie Bill Maher ...
"Impeachment won't get rid of Trump. It's not realistic. The people need to remove Trump at the polls."
Maher appears to concur with the Congresswoman's assessment.

Next issue ...
"You have to get the ball in the basket and the Democrats HAVE FAILED."
Again - Likely so, Dongg.
It remains to be seen if 'Crats will find a nominee who can mount a credible challenge to The Don.
Michael Bloomberg has expressed concern that 'Crats may be unable to do so.

Still noy one single crime can be mentioned by any witnesses or even the so-called committees.

Can you ever say anything that isn't taught for you to say?

the crimes have already been committed but not by Trump. Why do you think they need to fabricate every thing on the fly? Why else would they need those groups to come up with "names" for the crimes they're covering up?

Why do you think that the crimes the criminalrat party has already committed should go unpunished and pinned on the person that didn't do them?
At least some 'Crats & Lefties are becoming more reality-based ...

I think it's way beyond that.

I think the (c)rats are jumping the sinking ship. They are desperately looking for a way out of their impeachment scam without causing the entire party to collapse. It's like they are stabbing themselves to death and they can't make themselves stop. They already know the impeachment thing hurt them to the core... it's just that their amateur toadies in the social media hinterlands didn't get the memo yet because they don't want to let them know they are doomed and have them start blaming it on them. They are delaying the inevitable as long as they can while they pack their bags to get out of town while the country bumpkincrats are still making fools out of themselves all over the Internet.
Likely so, Dongg cheers

They do not appear to be employing sound political strategery. crazy

"It's like they're stabbing themselves to death and they can't make themselves stop."

Sounds 'bout right.

Supposed 'Crat supporters in the MSM & Late Night non-comic non-pundits aren't helping by goading 'Crats toward Impeachment.

It's like 'Crats are standing on a ledge & the Media & Pseudo-Pundits are yelling, "JUMP!!!" cheering

It was telling how quickly Bill Maher acknowledged that what Rep. Gabbard said about Impeachment not being realistic was "probably right".

The only crime Trump might have committed is he might have put mayonaise on a chili dog.
The only crime Trump might have committed is he might have put mayonaise on a chili dog.

rolling on the floor laughing Not Russian dressing?



We've been hit by more bombshells than Dresden ...

yawn ... playball

Treason is a crime in my book. Ultra right seem to think its ok.
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick.... ......................NEXT:.............. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
You're right Raph, treason IS a crime wave Only it's not Donald who is guilty of it, but rather the seditious treason plotters who have tried - and failed - to take him down wave
r - It is quite amazing. No matter how horrible the things Trump does, they parrot lame excuses, made up by the GOP, or Trump himself. They certainly wouldn't let Obama or Clinton, or even GWB get away with such b.s.
and Trump has been literally criminal. As Trump said, he could get away with shooting people in the street.
His base is so brainwashed, they support him, no matter how horrible he is, or how criminal he behaves.
Putin must be laughing his butt off.
In which case there should've a bi-partisan effort in the House to present a cogent case, prepare Articles Of Impeachment & send it to Trial in the Senate.

If we accept the premise of the OP and Author Neal Ketyal, The Don's unparalleled litany of crimes scream out for justice to be carried out, and 'Crats have botched the job. Horribly.
After three years+ the arch-criminal remains in office, is using Impeachment to rake in unprecedented amounts of cash, put together a "Re-Election Machine Like We've Never Seen" and is given the best chance of winning AGAIN in '20.

Re-spouting offensive, idiotic rhetoric about The Don's feeble-minded, Irredeemably Deplorable supporters is ridiculous & counter-productive.
It's part of what got The Don elected. Doubling down on that "strategery" is beyond feeble-minded - it's repeating a behavior expecting a different result ... a definition of insanity.

Either The Don is the most brilliantly diabolical fiend in History OR 'Crats are the most incompetent clown carful of low grade morons ever to gain a majority in any Legislative Body.
They not merely failed GIT IZ ÀSS - they've actually allowed the criminal to turn the tables and make THEM out to be Witch Hunters - and damned incompetent Witch Hunters to boot!
They've allowed this to get waayyy ahead of 'em just on optics alone.
They've allowed themselves to come off as either incompetent fools or politically motivated Witch Hinting sore loser hacks trying (poorly) to overturn a duly conducted election.

Assuming House 'Crats are NOT a bunch of Cream Of Wheat spinless pols who allowed the Media & Pseudo-Pundits with clapping seal audiences to goad them into undertaking a three year politically suicidal misadventure, of course.

Whatever. Be they ...
Incompetent to deal with a brilliant perpetrator of patently obvious mass crimes.
Insipid schmuck putty wads manipulated into a Witch Hunt that will destroy their party's prospects in at the polls in eleven months ...
They're incompetent damned fools who are earning themselves a landsliding in '20.
They got what's comin'.

We'll know more the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday of November '20.

Indeed $quared!


Not gonna happen though...
Schiff & Pelosi lack crime fighting skills
And need a full blown rOOster
To find the sun.
I agree with the first paragraph completely. However, the Republicans so far, have chosen to make excuses instead.

I disagree with your second paragraph. It isn't that the "crats" did a terrible job.
It's that the Republicans are attempting to obstruct justice by making excuses, especially in public.
They know Trump is guilty. They know the evidence shows that he is guilty. However, publicly they won't
admit it. Instead, they are stonewalling with ridiculous excuses, that they don't believe. They know if he is removed from office, there isn't a prayer of having a GOP elected president in 2020.
However, they are damned if they do, and damned it they don't. They are now in too deep and are not sure if
an about face will be well received by their constituents.

But, you are right, they SHOULD do the right thing. However, it remains to be seen, if they will do the right thing and vote him out of office. Those who don't, can never be trusted again to do the right thing and SHOULD be replaced the next time they are up for election. Indeed, they should retire before that, as some are.

The only way out for them at this point is a compromise. Get enough votes to remove Trump from office, but
have the Senators from the most GOP saturated districts vote nay.
Dr. Jimnastyc and Fr. Starrayfil seem to be in same category with different classification.
Could go that way, perhaps.

It's an increasingly minority view.
Odds givers give The Don increasingly better chances of completing his term.
Also of being re-elected
70% of Wall Street insiders believe he'll be re-elected.
56% of polled registered voters believe likewise, though they may not support The Don.

A most interesting "compromise" -
The Senate convicts & removes The Don, but doesn't prevent him from again holding office - leaving the decision to the selection process ... and he's re-elected.

'Crats screwed the pooch letting this get dragged into an election cycle.

They didn't have sense (or political savvy) to "...let it go & let it die".

To her credit, Speaker Pelosi apparently tried to steer 'Crats away from the shipwreck.

THAT'S exactly the whole point.

THEY DID and have goptten away with it so far and now the criminalrat party is still trying to cover it up by saying it's the other guy.

THERE IS NOTHING the demonrat party has or can say that proves Trump did any thing. Crimes have to have evidence and it's mounted heavily against the demonrat party, with cronies, more than they can continue to lie about concerning Trump.
One does not "prove" crimes. The evidence simply indicates it beyond a reasonable doubt.
The evidence against Trump indicates beyond a reasonable doubt, that he committed crimes.
Awaiting your next impeachment
Cut n paste with arthritis head banger
Sorry to hear about your arthritis. Which joints of yours does it affect most ?
With the evidence that the obozo regime used federal agencies against citizens and select organizations; why no impeachment?

With the evidence of national spying on citizens, the REAL Nixon-like crimes on steroids, why no impeachment?

When border patrol agents were shot at and at least one or more killed with weapons supplied by the obozo regime in an already proven failed experiment; why no impeachment?

When obozo promised more flexibility with putin after the 2012 election; why no impeachment or collusion investigation?

When obozo helped the number one terrorist supporting country on our list, as well as one of the biggest threats to our allies; why no impeachment or treason charges?

Mean while, no evidence against Trump what so ever. NOT even in violation of the so-called impoundment act.

Wait, only criminals and their supporters can have evidence with a free pass.

NO EVIDENCE, with the "wrong" supporters and proper priorities,equals crimes and misdemeanors. They must impeach.
One can only impeach a president who is currently in office.
Apparently, there were not enough evidence of crimes, as there is for Trump. '
There have only been a few impeachments. It is reserved for high crimes & misdemeanors.
Trump is the only US president who involved the leaders of foreign nations in our elections.
That is a high crime against our country.
Perhaps the most severe since Benedict Arnold.
Trump nor Ukraine did anything of the sort. We have a pact. fighting corruption with in the government is part of the missions on both sides. Much like the abuse report due out this month.

Your precious, desperate demonrats exposed the bidens and all that comes with their actions. THEY turned it into something it wasn't. Now they're stuck with hear-say, lies, no evidence foreign or domestic, and no witnesses. Why? Because the crimes and misdemeanors don't exist.

Deja vu
um.... we heard from several witnesses, who testified before Congress.
Perhaps you didn't pay attention, but I did. You're denying doesn't change the facts.
Witnesses who didn't witness anything. We're very wise to the Democrat's charade grin
Yeah, nobody witnessed anything.roll eyes laugh

Speculation, hearsay, and more than anything else, talking about the call which we all have the transcript of comfort

POTUS has a duty to pursue corruption. And indeed US-Ukraine have a treaty that demands it.

Democrats wrongly think that they are above the law. They are not. And Biden(and others) will be brought to task for selling out their public office for decades.

Justice escapes no one in the end.

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