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Unless child care centers reopen, many people wont be able to return to work regardless of whether other restrictions are lifted.

The concern is how quickly kids interact. All it takes is one asymptomatic kid to pass the virus to 20 to bring home to their parents.
yet you miss you commy woman trying to score points against Trump

It’s very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come”“We know that there is concern surrounding tourism but we think it’s very safe”“Its lovely here. The food is delicious, the shops are prospering, the parade was great. Walking tours continue.””This fear is – I think – unwarranted in light of the precautions that are being taken here in the United States””Don’t be afraid. Enjoy it all. It’s beautiful and there are some good bargains””Please come and visit and enjoy Chinatown”February 24 Chinatown San Francisco Nancy Pelosi pleading for people to gather into large crowds in public places to protest Trump “xenophobic travel ban
epirb - I find myself wondering if you have Trump's UV lamp jammed up your rear end gate - something appears to be affecting your thinking.

CDC - COVID-19 Forecasts
Updated May 21, 2020
Interpretation of Cumulative Death Forecasts

This week’s national-level forecasting includes 16 individual forecasts, and all indicate that additional COVID-19 deaths will occur in the coming weeks. Predicted rates of increase differ among the forecasts, depending on assumptions about the strength and coverage of social distancing behaviors.
The national ensemble forecast suggests that the rate of increase in cumulative deaths is likely to slow but still exceed 110,000 by June 13.
State-level ensemble forecasts indicate that states with low numbers of deaths reported to date are not likely to see a rapid rise in the coming weeks, while states with high numbers of deaths reported to date are likely to see increases at varying rates.

** Keep in mind these predictive models ASSUME social distancing will continue in at least a limited fashion. A condition Trump is working to reverse. The infected count is already a million and a half and climbing.

I for one am not willing to lie down and die just so Trump can restore the Stock Market dividend payouts for the Uber rich.
Exactly ! And siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, ect...
Within 6 weeks after the social distancing is decreased, unfortunately, we will likely see another increase in hospitalizations.
Open just the elementary schools with the youngest kids and the youngest parents.

As for Trump remember that what is good for the individual is not necessarily, or even very often, a good thing for civilisation. The gambles of a well-supervised chancer insured out of the arse don't have the same to lose as many people. In a sense he's too big to fail anything going drastically wrong with the anti-malaria drug will be picked up by his own team of personal doctors in the same way nannies picked up the pieces after him thorughout childhood.
Whilst studies show that under 20's are 56% less likely to contract the virus and are more resilient to it once infected, there is insufficient data to indicate whether children spread the infection more, or less easily than adults.

It has been suggested that June 1st is too soon to reopen schools safely and that more time is needed to set up track and trace systems in the event of another breakout.

It has been suggested that September, the start of the next academic year will be a more appropriate time.

As a key worker my daughter took my grandchildren out of school a week before they closed because she was concerned about picking the virus up at work and them passing it to school families.

The children don't seem to have suffered beyond feeling cooped up and grumpy at times, but there's quite a lot of them in one small maisonette, so isolation is perhaps less of an issue for a big family. My daughter told me that she doesn't let my granddaughter face-time her friends anymore until she's tidied since my granddaughter rushed round the flat with her phone showing off how messy it was. laugh

My 9 year old granddaughter was telling me yesterday that she's reading the first Harry Potter book roughly aimed at 9-12 year olds, so I don't think she's falling behind with her education in any drastic way.

I think my daughter will be relieved of any difficult decision making if schools remain closed until September. I'm not quite sure how they've not all gone insane with two adults, four kids, a dog and a hamster in such a small property with no garden, but they all seem in good health and spirits.
I would say the crisis highlights the difference between statesmenship(i.e. the buck stops here)and business ethics(i.e. you're the junior guy, you take the bullet).
yet you miss you commy woman trying to score points against Trump

Let me help you with English...
Yet you miss your commie woman trying to score points against Trump.
This is just another attempt to divide the country by race. It is a statement to blacks that Trump and his supporters are a racist basket of deplorables, and if you vote Republican you ain't black................... you're an Uncle Tom. It's sickening and shows the Democrats don't want blacks to think for themselves. It's racist and shameful. It's a policy that keeps blacks trapped on welfare and unable to achieve more in life. Luckily the smarter blacks are beginning to wise up and leave the Democrats plantation.

Hey. Hands off Boris. He is twenty times smarter than either of your current Presidential candidates, funny, self-deprecating, self-aware, can put on modest, was grateful to those who looked after his health, and is having to try to sell a bill of goods to the most cynical, suspicious, and gloomy, race on the planet. If ever anyone was faced with herding cats, it is a British prime minister and he's the only person I can imagine in the role at this time.


With any luck you'll get a few of those cynical suspicious gloomy cats coming squalling on here to object violently to that comment laugh
Soon - It's not an attempt at all. It is recognition of reality.

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