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Uh oh !

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I hope you have a nice day.... AND that your computer doesn't crash. wave
It's gorgeous here today, perhaps the best day of the year so far.
It's in the mid-70's, sunny, with a slow & steady breeze. cool

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90 with a UV index of extreme.
c - remember to use sunblock.
I love to listen to BACH on a Sunday morning..
Perhaps you should call that company then. grin
I can't relate to none of the picture. tongue
Well, that's a good thing.
i dont like sweets so i know where i am going ????
Brutally hot in FL starting in the early morning and scorching hot throught the evening.
e - the cartoon indicates to guess the number of jelly beans, not eat them.

U - I was delightedly surprised to find the temperature here this morning is 65 F.
Very refreshing for a change.
I feel good to learn that you have a pleasant weather but astonished to see that smart Americans resorted to the English ways...mind you I complemented and so don't shy to thank me wink
To clarify, which "English ways" are you referring to ?

Please know, that our 'roots' were that of English colonies and our language is English.
So, whatever you are astonished at, may be rooted in history.
If you are referring to C. versus F., we generally use F. when conversing with the neighbors and reserve C. for more scientific conversations.
Hi Jim wave

It was really hot the last few days here ( I don’t like it ) but it’s gloomy and wet today ( I don’t like it either! laugh ) I know, it’s hard to please the MiMi grin

Hope you still have your gorgeous weather over there! applause
You miser hahaha
You were interested in the history but you forgot to thank even after asking...I included you in the class of smart Americans... didn't I?
rolling on the floor laughing
M - I hope you achieve a favorable temperature.
Or perhaps you are just very hot with your honey and feel chilly without him ?

io - We are all smart & dumb when compared to certain others.
Plotting the data for every large population yields a bell shaped curve with the largest grouping in the middle. So, it is all relative.

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