Will Sanctions Work?

I think sanctions is going to make Russia more resilient and wont work at all.


I recall sanctions against SA.
Cut the Fuel... We made fuel out of coal.

Cut the weapons... We manufactured weapons for the export market.

SA was even a Nuclear Power, not to mention the best defence force on the globe. (relatively speaking)

The list goes on and on.

Even our currency was stronger.

The UN banned all imports of fresh fruit from SA. What a joy for the localslaugh

Sanctions make a country stronger.

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I think the worst is over for them. They are now adjusting.
And what will they learn form this? To trade more with the rest of the world
and less with them Nato countries; best kept to a minimum.
This time I have to agree- sanctions won’t work...
Hi Ozzie,,
Don't know if you noticed but Putin still hasn't been assassinated laugh and he seems to know exactly what he's doing.cheers
Hi Z,
Strangely enough it has been raining lightly here for the past two day, but on just having read your comment (that you actually agree with me for once) I expect it to come down in bucket loads....rolling on the floor laughing
Good to see you.wine
already mentioned long ago that russia would gain from sanctions. it wouldn't affect them much since what they have is in high demand.

that was helped and created by the u.s. from day one of o'biden. it's only increased as has the value of russia's currency and more.

i think as the u.s. continues to be weakened by it's current regime, russia will continue to gain. russia won't be, and aren't the only ones, continueing to gain.
The only problem I see is the long range missiles that Biden has promised Ukraine. If they (the Ukrainians) start taking pot shots at Russian targets on Russian soil it won't be so good for everyone then. This factor is a major problem.
o'biden and others will have to make the call. they pretty allowed with permission, for russia to do what it has been doing.

if ukraine does obtain the missiles, taking shots at russian homeland won't be viewed as any different than what russia started with ukraine. most will see it as "justified". it will help if the targets are choice with less innocent casualties.

and things will escalate further...
The only thing I know Luke is that it will hurt the sanctioned one's population but you might be right, Russia couldn't care less of its people.
All I can add is that why don't all the 'intelligent' people ask themselves: why are we prohibited to hearing/reading/seeing factual news from BOTH sides.

IOW stop being treated as a mushroom.

We all know mushrooms are kept in the dark and is fed shit.
After 2014 invasion. Quote.
"The sanctions proved to only bring the Rotenbergs and the Kremlin closer together. The Russian legislature even tried to pass a law, called "the Rotenberg law," which sought to compensate citizens who had their assets stripped by foreign governments. It didn't pass. However, the Rotenbergs have been compensated generously in the form of lucrative state contacts that got even bigger after they were targeted by foreign sanctions."

For example the Crimea bridge.

After 2022 invasion. Quote.
"Western authorities are again targeting the Rotenbergs and other Russian oligarchs in response to Putin's second invasion of Ukraine. This script is similar to the prequel, but the sanctions are tougher and more coordinated than they were after Putin's first invasion of Ukraine. Last time, the sanctions proved to be largely ineffective. The people of Ukraine can only hope that this time will be different."

Who knows.


So their goal succeeds. The less we know about the truth, the more formidable they become.
The rift with the West has paved the way for Russia to build up its own economy, according to Putin

Russia needs to seize the opportunities arising from sanctions and use the lack of Western goods to build up the country’s technological and industrial base, President Vladimir Putin said a few hours earlier today.

Exactly what I thought would happen.
Russia is still selling oil and gas at much improved prices , due mostly to Biden's war on oil that predated Putin's war . The boats that have been seized are now being maintained by the crews at the expense of the US tax payer and will probably be given back . France is still selling weapon technology to the Russians . What sanctions ?
While more than 1,000 companies have left the Russian market, almost 250 decided to stay despite the Ukraine crisis

Almost 250 international companies continue to operate in Russia, including more than 100 EU enterprises, according to a list compiled by Yale’s Chief Executive Leadership Institute.
This is what I have on foreign fighters in Ukraine. Not sure if it's 100% accurate though.

The list is presented from the highest number of foreign fighter arrivals:

?Poland: 1,831 arrived, 378 died, 272 left Ukraine

?Canada: 601 arrived, 162 died, 169 left Ukraine

?United States: 530 arrived, 214 died, 227 left Ukraine

?Romania: 504 arrived, 101 died, 95 left Ukraine

?UK: 422 arrived, 101 died, 95 left Ukraine

Also, over 500 mercenaries traveled to Ukraine from the Middle East and Caucasus regions of Asia - of whom 200 died.
the sanctions are working as planned -impoverishmenting of Europe and especially Germany...
Biden isn't as intelligent as he makes out to be.
He is not only a threat to world peace but a threat to himself as well, that's proven after the fall he had riding his bicycle today.
rolling on the floor laughing
Biden???uh oh
Yeah sure, Im convinced that America will put such a person in charge of nuclear weapons and making serious decisions
The sanctions against South Africa were designed to end something called apartheid. They worked quite well don't you think?
Rather than listening to the internet trash from Russian propaganda and simples who are clueless, read this from the The United States Treasury:

You are quite funny.

Let me inform you of reality. The majority of sanctions against SA only strengthened the then National Party contrary to the propaganda being fed to the then over eager public. It took hard work by individuals to infiltrate the far right-wing and I assure you I know what I'm talking about as I was one of many that did so. Believe it or not but of the sanctions that really had an impact was the banning of all sport ties with the RSA.
Soros had a big hand in it as well. Most people make as if they are knowledgeable about pre 1994 SA when in fact they know shit.
This is mostly utter garbage designed more to strafe the general population of Russia and Europe. Ask yourself why the msm doesn't interview acclaimed reporters on the murdering of Russian civilians in Donbass from 2014.
Ignorance is bliss.
Why do you think that the RSA's6 present government is backing Russia all the way?rolling on the floor laughing
The only way is if the whole world joins in. But, it is causing change in one way. Tons of young people who are internet wise are leaving Russia for other countries. They belittle the education system that teaches nothing. See no opportunities in Russia to succeed. They have been made aware of what other countries have and when prices go sky high and they miss out on the perks of the west, they figure their hopes lie in other countries.
China has a similar scene. The young have been taught a different world exists outside. China is trying to keep control by allowing the young to enjoy toys and fun and give them a wage to play.
Russia is not that smart. So the ones who support Putin are those indoctrinated by the old commie schooling. And so the country risks becoming a country of old people. The old grew up with limited supplies and high prices so to them it is just tighten belts AGAIN. And they believe the Putin baloney.doh
I have never lived nor visited Russia so my knowledge of the Russian culture and their way of life is limited. In Angola where we as the then SADF were engaged in battle with the Cubans and so called Russian Advisors is all knowledge I personally have of them. I also met a few Russians in Central Africa not so long ago and in general they weren't a bad bunch. Other than that I'm clueless who will stay and who will go.
Apartheid was world famous in the eighties and most of the world then learned a great deal about its evils.
The U.S. righties did everything they could to prevent our country from helping in ending the abomination against God. I still remember that black preacher telling Jerry Fallwell he was living in a house (his right wing Church) of ill repute barf
It is unfortunate that some subsequent African politicians have behaved in a similar manner to the right wing whites susequently.
All sides had their hands dripping in blood.
This blog is about current sanctions against Russia, which I believe isn't working and won't work in the future.
Swift is hardly garbage and Putin is walking really funny from it.
Anyone who wants to buy Russian food and fertilizers can do so freely and without the fear of sanctions, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said Monday.

“Our sanctions don’t target food, don’t target fertilizers. Everyone that wants to buy Russian food and fertilizers, they can do it, no obstacles... so they can operate, they can buy, they can transfer, they can insure,” Borrell told the press.

However, EU sanctions do target Russian shipping, preventing the country’s grain and fertilizers from being delivered to the global market. This has led to a growing food crisis, with wheat prices surging to record highs over the past two months.
Wow... I guess if you're the boss then you're the boss.
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