Britain prepares for possible war with North Korea

I just read it from New York Post today.

It's interesting, under what motives is my question.

As a support to the USA? Or more like to show case their military power?

Any opinions?

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There was no mention as to why the possible reason other than the elaborate description of their planes and navy.
More bollox news from the USA

More bollock from you!scold
Bnaughty it actually originated from Daily Mail which I believe is a UK newspaper.
Goid morning Jim.

On the same related news, it said: 1.5 million dead in minutes with North Korea nuke attack.
Hi my friend Phyl,

In the article, UK is part of the united global coalition which supports any of it allies!

Happy Columbus Day.laugh
Pffffffffffffffffft Daily Mail? They can´t even spell properly. What other news source from the UK is reporting this?
Phy, hard to say. Are they talking about NK dead of US dead. We have a better chance of us doing that to NK!

I would hate to see this happen.
Bnaughty maybe, you can find out if it's fake news or not?
I doubt it, though as there's a legitimate source from the UK government. Metro news headlined it too.

Yes if course Jim, but I believe we'll not be in the offensive, you think?
They´re all just quoting BS from the Daily Mail
I hope you're right because when other powers join in, you know it's bad.
Tomorrow, Tues., NK is doing some kind of celebration and it is expected that they will do another missile launch!

I hope no launch!
I am hoping that this dictator would come to his senses and stop this madness.
This is a very good news John. I hope it's put to use before this madman creates havoc.

The other bad scenario is, what if the South us paralysed before they can apply it?
I guess that would be a decision they will have to make. just keep a close eye on Nk .
It's a very explosive moments that make the whole world vigilant John.

This war I'm sure will define the world's future. sad flower
My opinion is ...
Where do you dig up this BS and why bother posting it here

uh oh
it reminds me what it said in Mathew 24 wars and rumors but the end is not yet. so it looks like we may have to experience this.
doh Some one in the world better do something. The outcome of doing nothing is something you have never witnessed!

BUT NY News Papers have been known to spout garbage
It may well be that 21st Century war is already being waged against Rocket Man...

...and his launches/tests of WWII/Cold War technology are actually the death rattles of the Kim regime.
And good riddance, sez I.


It's not just one paper as I checked it out. wave
Old why on earth would you act like immature and irresponsible?
Mic, thanks for the post.
I could ask you the same thing LJ
posting fake news and crying to the mods when called on it...

You're full of it, Old, I'm not a judge as to what is fake or not. Political blogs are part of this site.

Your intention in your post is nothing but an insult.

Now if you say anything relevant to my post that'd be appreciated. Otherwise stay away.
Thanks for the post John.
And for those who are concerned with peace, maybe we should get prepared for the unexpected.
North Korea is good for the Arms business. We need Enemies to continue fleecing the tax payer. Its the only way the 1%r Military industrial Conplex Share Holder can Keep living in the lap of Luxury. Chances are they are paying lil Kim to Put on the heat, so it will be an easy sell during the yearly government budget increase professor
Love, that's one way of looking at it.sad flower

It's so sad when humans are the collateral for greed.
Hello Lindsy,wave I do agree with what L Ranger has said, and I also think if world powers, and sanctions can t get N korea to change its plans to be a nuclear power, history could be repeating itself when it comes to another Korean conflict,doh The world is volatile enough as is ,without a major world conflict in N korea,moping
Sanctions + Famine = Siege...

I heard somewhere that Rocket Man may step down and be granted refuge in Russia.
That would result in international famine relief and open the way for eventual unification of North & South Korea.
It could be one resolution to the situation.

Ito, on the greed side of the spectrum, yes, it feeds the coffers of those that capitalize on it.wave
That's a really good direction Mic, but I doubt he'd accede to it.
Sanctions are a hard fight, but they'll win out. We're dealing with a culture that shoots your parents and children if you break the law - this is endemic to the family-oriented culture in the far east - sanctions will need to be appallingly severe. Sanctions have to make life amongst the NK elite bad, in most cultures the people rebel at a lower threshold of atrocity and misery, but in the far east living hell on earth is second nature. Orientals have that overwhelming capacity to endure and slavishly obey with zen-like detachment, sometimes they seem to desire it and hate the life of freedom and comfort.
You're so right in that statement Chesney. Let's see how far it takes them to endure.
Good info, Ches.

'Sanctions are a hard fight, but they'll win out.'

Tighter sanctions combined with the drought/famine is beginning to affect North Korea's military.
(refer to The Guardian link in my previous comment roll eyes Note that at least one analyst has determined that even N. Korean soldiers are becoming affected/ineffective due to malnutrition - 'Too Many Soldiers To Feed.')

If North Koreans joined Kim's military expecting better living conditions than the general populace but are now suffering malnutrition, they may reach a frustration level necessary for a military coup.
And the military has the wherewithal to carry it out (read 'weaponry').
Note also, the article points out that both Kim regime support and anti-U.S. sentiment are declining.
This could motivate Un to seriously consider asylum in another country (Russia?) rather than risk dying in an overthrow.

The U.N. hopes to provide humanitarian aid to avert a N.Korean famine such as occurred in the '90s during which a million people perished.
This, however, would also help preserve the Kim regime.

Siege/starvation is indeed 'a hard fight' - and a deadly prospect for N. Koreans.
Sadly, it may be the only viable alternative short of war to rid the Earth of a tyrant in possession of nuclear weapons.
The options are grim and grimmer.
sad flower

Could he be knocked out by Secret Service, or Drones, surely we have technology for such a thing to happen.

the Russians came to England and knocked one of their own out they thought was a traitor ????

I just think this way as for all the poor brainwashed souls that would be gone if a war breaks out and out brave soldiers. It would be so horrific it does not bare thinking about
True that, Red. sad...sigh


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