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Which music is your favorite?2,82223Oct 2015Feb 20173 hrs ago
ARE YOU:2,51125Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 15
Are you an introvert, or extrovert?1,96110Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 19
Are you a Dreamer, or a Doer?2,91757Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 20
Why are so many Irish men on CS looking for women?3,42275Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 20
Which do you love most?1,63817Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 17
Ladies, what is your favorite diamond shape for an engagement ring?1,96118Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 8
What is your favorite axe?4,18616Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 18
Which camera do you prefer?1,1833Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 15
I believe in:1,60914Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 20
Do you believe your dog can 'read' your emotions?1,4337Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 19
What is your favorite dessert?2,90440Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 12
MEN: DO you prefer women with:1,1561May 2014May 2014Apr 15
Are you a linear or divergent thinker?2,11121Jul 2013Apr 2014Apr 19
Men: Do you like thick or thin ladies' eyebrows?2,10619Jan 2014Jan 2014Apr 18
Would you date a person who has Bipolar Disorder?3,705109Jan 2014Jan 20143 hrs ago
Are you a conformist, non-conformist, or compromiser, respectively?1,84918Jun 2013Nov 2013Apr 16
What do you think of the U.S. PRISM program?2,01042Jun 2013Nov 2013Apr 18
Do you "act, think, or look your age?"2,29235Jun 2013Sep 2013Apr 21
Which would be the worst for you to lose?1,81527Aug 2013Aug 2013Apr 18
Do Lakotas prefer to be called:1,84128Jul 2013Aug 2013Apr 16
Do most contacts answer the questions you ask them about themselves?2,06950Jul 2013Aug 201316 hrs ago
Have you ever been told, "I love you, BUT..." (read below)1,5466Aug 2013Aug 2013Apr 7
Should Wounded Knee be:2,00226Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 14
What's your opinion?2,44847Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 17
Does it annoy you if profile pics are sideways?1,1824Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 22
Is Obama an out-of-control narcissist? (Read below)9634Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 16
Is Pres Barry's desire for black cons to NOT have a background check for employment; but force white1,2012Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 18
When should one begin to "act their age?"1,48627Jun 2013Jul 2013Apr 22
Do you believe your dog can choose a good partner for you?1,90341Jun 2013Jul 20135 hrs ago
Do yo believe in prophetic dreams?1,3116Jun 2013Jun 2013Apr 8
Should people entering the US have more extensive back-ground checks instead of spying on our own ci10,96018Jun 2013Jun 2013Apr 18
What's your point of view?1,10710May 2013May 2013Apr 16
Why do men falsely presume you are trying to jump-start a relationship just because you are being fr3,07427May 2013May 2013Apr 18

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